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Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC User Manual

Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC featured

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Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC

Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC

About Avoun
Avoun is committed to creating solutions that are reliable and usable, providing effective pain relief to clients from all over the world. At Avoun, we take great pride in what we do. Over the past few years, our products have contributed to millions of families having a higher quality of life. AUVON aspires to continue being dedicated to our love of pain management, to create more effective products and solutions, and to establish itself as a leading authority in the field. We want to make our client’s life more convenient, hassle-free, and comfortable!


Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-1

  1. Frequency (Hz)
  2. Program
  3. “P” (preset mode) / “M” (manual mode)
  4. Channel 1 intensity
  5. Paused indicator
  6. Pause button
  7. Program selection button
  8. Channel 1 intensity increase
  9. Channel 1 intensity decrease
  10. Pluse width(US)
  11. Running time (min)
  12. Waveform
  13. Locked indicator
  14. Power button
  15. Channel 2 intensity
  16. Low battery indicator
  17. MENU button
  18. Channel 2 intensity increase
  19. Channel 2 intensity decrease
  20. Channel 1
  21. Belt Clip
  22. Channel 2


  1. Push and press the corner of the Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-13 Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-14clip as the picture shows with your left thumb and pull down with your right hand.Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-2
  2. Open the lid.Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-3
  3. Insert the batteries. Make sure the ribbon is behind the batteries.Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-4

When the batteries are running low, a low battery indicator will flash on the screen and it is important to change the batteries as soon as possible.

There is a risk of explosion if the batteries are fitted incorrectly. Replace with AA Alkaline 1.5 volt batteries (LR6). Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not dispose of the batteries in a fire and keep them out of reach of children. The batteries must be removed from the unit if the unit is not used for a long period of time.


Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-5

Decide whether you wish to use one lead or two. If using two leads, insert the plugs into both jacks on the plugs of the unit. If only using one lead, insert it into one jack.


Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-6

Take out electrodes from the bag and connect them to the leads. Each lead should connect to one electrode pad.


Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-7

Remove electrode pads from the plastic film and place them on your skin. Ensure that the skin where you intend to place the electrodes is clean and thoroughly dry. Remove the electrodes from the clear plastic shield and position your body as required.

The system will by default auto-set to “0” intensity on the respective channel if electrode pads are not attached to the lead wires or placed on your body correctly.


Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-8

Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-9

Press this key for 2 seconds to turn this on or off this device. The unit will turn off automatically if no other key is pressed within the next 5 minutes.



Press this key to pause the unit and press this key again to continue it. When the unit is paused, the intensity level goes down to zero and is displayed on the LCD. Once the unit is released from paused, it will start from the point where it was broken to be paused. If the device is paused for over 5 minutes, it will be shut off automatically.


Press this key to select the following parameters one by one (manual modes only).


Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-10

Press these keys to increase or decrease the intensity of CH1/CH2 from levels 0-60.



Press this key to go through and select the programs. This device has 32 different programs. The symbol “P” (preset mode) / “M” (manual mode) will display on the LCD accordingly. The PRESET modes of programs are identified on the display by a small point, pointing to the specific treatment area.


If you do not press any keys for 30 seconds, the unit will be locked. The symbol is displayed on the LCD screen. To unlock the unit, press the key marked ▼ CH1 or CH2.


Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-11

Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-12

For TENS programs:
When using any of the 11(P1-P11) programs for pain relief, always start with the lowest intensity and gradually increase the level of intensity unit you feel a “tingling” sensation. All programs are different and therefore feel differently. You may try all 11 programs in the beginning and choose one that feels pleasant. Never increase the intensity to a level so that it hurts; always stay under the point of discomfort.

For EMS programs:Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-13

Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-14

For muscle stimulation (EMS), any of the 11 (P12-P22) programs are recommended to be used for muscle strains, massage muscles and restore muscle vitality. Start out slowly with low-intensity levels. Increase intensity level and treatment time as you progress. Use the device regularly or for longer sessions to achieve benefits similar to passive “exercise”.

For Massage programs:Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-15

Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-16

For Massage, any of the 10 (P23-P32) programs may be used to relax anywhere anytime. Gentle massage modes are preprogrammed into this device for bringing you ultimate relaxation.

Steps to use pre-set modes

*Pre-set modes: P1-P10(TENS)&P12-P21(EMS)& P23-P32(Massage)Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-17

  1. Press P to select pre-set modes.
  2. Press ▲/▼ to increase/decrease intensity. (60 intensities)Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-18
  3. Press MENU to make the waveform flash.Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-19
  4. Only press CH2 ▲/▼ to select the waveform. P30 and P31 only have one waveform.
    •  Steps to use manual modes
      *Manual modes: P11(TENS)&P22(EMS)Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-20


      1. If want to use manual modes of TENS, press P to select manual modes to P11.
      2. Adjust the intensity of the channel used, simply press ▲/▼ to increase/decrease the intensity of the corresponding channel. (60 intensities)Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-21
      3. Press MENU to make time flash.
      4. Press▲/▼ to select times (including continuous time).Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-22
  5. Repeat press MENU again to set up waveform, frequency, and pulse width by pressing CH2▲/▼.Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-23
  6. If you want to select manual modes of EMS, press P to adjust the program to P22 and just repeat the above steps of P11 to get started. Besides, P22 has 4 more adjustable parameters, they are rise time, action time, fall time, and rest time.
  • Rise Time:Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-24 the time when the output gradually increases from small to large.(maximum to 5 sec)
  • Action Time:Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-25 the duration when then intensity is maximum.(maxi-mum to 60 sec).
  • Fall time: Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-26the time when the output gradually decreases from large to small.(maximum to 5 sec).
  • Rest Time: Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-27the duration when the intensity is zero.(maximum to 60 sec).

Frequency range of manual modes: 1-10Hz,12,14,16,18,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85, 90,95,100,110,120,130,140,150 Hz(P11&P22). Pulse width of manual modes: 50~250μs(P11), 50-400μs(P22).


  1. The intensity will immediately down to zero and keep flashing if the unit is not properly connected to the body.
  2. When the output intensity level of CH1 and CH2 is over 0, the corresponding output sockets of CH1/CH2 will light up. Once the open circuit happened, the corresponding output sockets will light off after 5 seconds.
  3. After switch on, if no keys are pressed in 10 seconds, the LCD backlit will turn off automatically. Press any key to light up the LCD again.
  4. The treatment time will be accumulative recorded when the output level is above zero, by pressing and holding the key “MENU” and ▼ of CH2 for 3 seconds, the treatment time accumulated in minute can be displayed. By pressing and holding the key “MENU” and ▼ of CH1 for 3 seconds to clear the treatment time to zero.


  1. After Use
    Always ensure that the unit is switched OFF before removing the electrodes. After use, return the electrodes to the clear plastic shields. There is no need to separate the leads from the electrodes.
  2. Use TENS Pads HolderAuvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-28


Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC fig-29

  • Stick the electrode patches on the holder to avoid getting dust.
  • Wind the thread around the holder for easy use as the picture shown.


Always check the unit and accessories before use to prevent damage and defects.

If this happens… Cause Try this solution…
Device doesn’t turn on. Batteries are not detected or expired. Replace batteries.


The device turns one and then off again.


Batteries are not detected or expired.

1. Re-insert batteries according to instructions.


2. Or replace batteries.


The device turns on, but intensity cannot be increased beyond “1” for extended period. Auto intensity reset safety feature is initiated.



System is not set-up properly or resistance to pads is not detected by device.

1. Connect lead wires to device, electrodes to lead wires, and place on body part. 2 small or


1 XL electrode pad per channel is required.

2. Replace used electrode pads. The quality of the gel may be diminished.

If this happens… Cause Try this solution…


The device turns on,but does not generate electric pulses.


1. Lead wires or electrode pads are broken or disconnected.

2. Treatment time expired.

1. Replace/reconnect lead wires. 2.Ensure lead wires are properly seated in CH1/CH2.


3.Switch the device to the OFF position and then power ON.



Intensity goes to “0”.



The intensity will go to “0” if any of adjustment on any parameters are changed, such as change on time, waveform, frequency, pulse width,etc.


The device doesn’t turn on even though new batteries are installed.


System is not set-up properly or resistance to pads is not detected by device.


Contact our customer service at support@iauvon.com.

Follow all laws and regulations regarding the proper disposal of batteries and electronic devices that are relevant in your area.Consult your municipal authority or your dealer for information about proper disposal.


  • 12-Month Limited Warranty
  • Lifetime Technical Support

Warranty Extension: Register with AUVON®, you could have 12 Months Free warranty extension This is in addition to our normal 12 month warranty giving you 24 full months of protection for your AUVON® products! support@iauvon.com

FAQs Auvon EasyStim TN28 OTC

The Auvon EasyStim TN28: What is it?

An over-the-counter (OTC) TENS device for pain management is the Auvon EasyStim TN28. It is intended to offer secure and efficient pain treatment for a range of ailments, such as arthritis, back pain, and pain following surgery.

The Auvon EasyStim TN28’s mechanism of operation?

The Auvon EasyStim TN28 functions by sending brief electrical pulses to the part of the body that is injured. These electrical pulses can reduce pain by stimulating the nerves.

Is it safe to use the Auvon EasyStim TN28?

The Auvon EasyStim TN28 is generally regarded as safe when used as instructed. To find out if a TENS device is safe and suitable for your particular condition, it is crucial to speak with a healthcare expert before using one.

What conditions are suitable for the Auvon EasyStim TN28?

Arthritis, back pain, and post-surgical pain are just a few of the conditions for which the Auvon EasyStim TN28 can offer pain relief. To find out if it is suitable for your particular situation, it is crucial to speak with a healthcare practitioner.

What is the Auvon EasyStim TN28 used for?

There are usage instructions included with the Auvon EasyStim TN28. The intensity and duration of the electrical pulses are typically modified once the device has been attached to the affected area of the body, depending on the user’s demands. It’s crucial to carefully follow the directions and to speak with a medical expert if you have any questions or concerns.

Can anyone use the Auvon EasyStim TN28?

Some people might not be good candidates for the Auvon EasyStim TN28. It is crucial to speak with a medical expert to ascertain whether it is secure and suitable for your particular situation. Additionally, pregnant women and those with specific medical issues shouldn’t use the device.

Is it simple to use the Auvon EasyStim TN28?

Easy usage is a priority while designing the Auvon EasyStim TN28. It is simple to use at home or while travelling because to its small size, portability, and straightforward usage instructions.

What advantages do users of the Auvon EasyStim TN28 experience?

Without the use of medicine, the Auvon EasyStim TN28 can offer secure and efficient pain management for a number of diseases. It is also non-invasive and has few side effects, which makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a natural method of pain management.

When using the Auvon EasyStim TN28, are there any negative effects?

When used as instructed, the Auvon EasyStim TN28 is generally regarded as safe. Some people, however, can encounter minor side effects including muscle twitching or skin discomfort. It is crucial to stop using the device and seek medical advice if you develop any side effects.

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