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Arlo VMA5400 Dual Charging Station User Manual

Arlo VMA5400 Dual Charging Station FEATURE


Arlo VMA5400 Dual Charging Station

Arlo VMA5400 Dual Charging Station PRODUCT

About Arlo
Arlo Technologies, Inc. is a leading company in the field of smart home security and surveillance solutions. Founded in 2014, Arlo is dedicated to creating innovative and user-friendly products that help protect and monitor homes and businesses.

Arlo offers a range of wire-free and wire-connected cameras, video doorbells, and security lighting systems. Their products are designed to provide high-quality video monitoring, motion detection, two-way audio communication, and remote access through mobile apps or web browsers.

What’s in the box


  • Dual Charging Station    

Arlo VMA5400 Dual Charging Station-fig 1


  • Power adapter (varies by region)Arlo VMA5400 Dual Charging Station-fig 2

Battery charging

You can charge Arlo Ultra, Pro 3, and XL rechargeable batteries.

  1. Connect the power adapter to the charging station.
  2. Plug the power adapter into an indoor electrical outlet.
  3. Insert one or two Arlo rechargeable batteries.Arlo VMA5400 Dual Charging Station-fig 3

Need help?

We are here for you.

Visit www.arlo.com/support for quick answers and:

  • How-to videos
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Additional support resources

© Arlo Technologies, Inc. Arlo, Arlo logo, and Every Angle Covered are trademarks of Arlo Technologies, Inc. Any other trademarks are for reference purposes.

For regulatory compliance marking information, see the bottom of the device. For additional information including the EU Declaration of Conformity, visit www.arlo.com/about/regulatory/.

Arlo Technologies Intl. Ltd

Ground Floor, Building 3

University Technology Centre

Curraheen Road, Cork T12 EF21 Ireland

Arlo Technologies UK Limited

100 New Bridge Street London, EC4V 6JA

Arlo Technologies, Inc.

2200 Faraday Avenue, Suite 150

Carlsbad, CA 92008 USA

FAQS About Arlo VMA5400 Dual Charging Station

The Arlo charging station can charge how many batteries at once.

a pair of Arlo batteries

How much time does Arlo require to charge?

the equivalent of two hours

What do I need to charge Arlo?

You must use the camera’s included 9V power supply and power adapter cord.

Can Arlo always be plugged in?

No, the batteries in your Arlo Go and Arlo Pro won’t overcharge.

How long can the Arlo battery be used between charges?

sixty days

Does Arlo have a light when it’s charging?

The camera LED lights blue and starts charging when you plug in the USB charging cord to a power source.

What is the Arlo charger’s wattage?

5V, 2A power supply.

How can I tell when the battery in my Arlo is fully charged?

Find the bright, solid blue light.

What voltage does Arlo consume?

16 to 24 V AC

The battery in the Arlo has what voltage?


How long can Arlo be powered on?

3 to 6 months

What does the charging station serve?

connects an electric vehicle (EV) to a power source for plug-in hybrids, neighborhood electric vehicles, and electric automobiles.

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