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Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera User Manual

Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera Featured


Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera

Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera Product

About Arlo
Arlo Technologies, Inc. is a leading company in the field of smart home security and surveillance solutions. Founded in 2014, Arlo is dedicated to creating innovative and user-friendly products that help protect and monitor homes and businesses.

Arlo offers a range of wire-free and wire-connected cameras, video doorbells, and security lighting systems. Their products are designed to provide high-quality video monitoring, motion detection, two-way audio communication, and remote access through mobile apps or web browsers.

One of the key features of Arlo’s products is their wireless functionality, which allows for easy installation and flexibility in camera placement. Arlo cameras are powered by batteries or through wired connections, and they connect to a central hub or directly to the internet for remote viewing and control.

What’s in the box

Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera (1)

  • Essential Spotlight Camera
  • MountArlo Essential Spotlight Camera (2)
  • Camera charging cable
  • Screw Kit

Set up your Essential Spotlight Camera

  1. Download the Arlo app and follow the setup instructions for an Arlo Essential Spotlight camera.Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera (3)
  2. We recommend that you charge your camera before the final installation.

© Arlo Technologies, Inc. Arlo, Arlo logo, and Every Angle Covered are trademarks of Arlo Technologies, Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. Any other trademarks are for reference purposes. (If this product is sold in Canada, you can access this document in Canadian French at arlo.com/docs.) For regulatory compliance information including the EU Declaration of Conformity and e-label information for the US FCC and Industry Canada visit www.arlo.com/about/regulatory/

Need help?

We are here for you.

Visit www.arlo.com/support for quick answers and:

  • How-to videos
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Additional support resources

Arlo Technologies Intl. Ltd Ground Floor, Building 3 University Technology Centre Curraheen Road, Cork T12 EF21 Ireland

FAQs About Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera

What distinguishes the Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera from the Arlo Essential?

An integrated spotlight is a feature of the Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera (VMC2030) and Arlo Essential XL Spotlight Camera (VMC2032). There is no built-in spotlight on the Arlo Essential Camera (VMC2020).

Is a subscription required for the Arlo Essential Spotlight Camera?

Yes, Arlo cameras can continue to function normally without a subscription, including live streaming, two-way audio, and push alerts.

Arlo is crucial, but in 2K or 4K?

Arlo Essential has a built-in flashlight, color night vision, and 1080p video recording capabilities.

Are Arlo Essential cameras WiFi-compatible?

No, to operate correctly, Arlo cameras need a wifi connection.

Arlo Essential has night vision, right?

While the Arlo Essential Camera (VMC2020) lacks a spotlight and only offers basic night vision, the Arlo Essential XL Spotlight Camera and the Essential Spotlight Camera both have an inbuilt spotlight and color night vision.

What flaws exist in Arlo cameras?

The disadvantage is that Arlo’s cameras are some of the priciest in our ranking.

Is the Arlo camera battery-operated?

Without the use of batteries, Arlo Pro Wire-Free cameras can be connected to an AC outlet.

How long do the batteries of an Arlo last?

With typical use, Arlo wire-free camera batteries last between three and six months. With typical use, the battery life of an Arlo Go camera ranges from two to three months, depending on the quality of the mobile signal. Batteries are not required for the Arlo Q, Q Plus, or Baby cameras.

Do Arlo Essential cameras continuously record?

The majority of Arlo cameras include a 5-minute recording timer.

Does Arlo Essential record nonstop?

Yes. For your Arlo Essential Indoor Camera to constantly record, you can purchase a separate CVR subscription.

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