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Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation Quick Start Guide

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation Featured

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Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation Product

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Getting to know Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation (1)

Plug in Echo Dot

Plug the micro-USB cable and 9W adapter into Echo Dot and then into a power outlet. You must use the items included in the original Echo Dot package for optimal performance. A blue light ring will begin to spin around the top. In about a minute, the light ring will change to orange and Alexa will greet you.

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation (2)

Download the Alexa App Download the free Amazon Alexa app to your phone or tablet. Start the download process in your mobile browser at: http://alexa.amazon.com

If the setup process does not automatically start, go to Settings > Set up a new device. During setup, you will connect Echo Dot to the Internet, so you will need your Wi-Fi password.

Connect to your speaker

You can connect your Echo Dot to a speaker using Bluetooth or an AUX cable. If you are using Bluetooth, place your speaker more than 3 feet from Echo Dot for optimal performance.

Getting started with Echo Dot

  • Talking to Echo Dot To get Echo Dot’s attention, simply say “Alexa.” See the Things to Try card to help you get started
  • Alexa App The app helps you get more out of your Echo Dot. It’s where you manage your lists, news, music, and settings, and see an overview of your requests.

Give us your feedback

Alexa will improve over time, with new features and ways to get things done. We want to hear about your experiences. Use the Alexa App to send us feedback or email echodot-feedback@amazon.com.

FAQS Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation

What is Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation?

Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation is a smart speaker powered by Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant. It is a smaller, more affordable version of the original Amazon Echo, designed to fit in any room of your house.

What can I do with Dot 2nd Generation?

With Echo Dot 2nd Generation, you can ask Alexa to play music, read the news, set alarms and reminders, control smart home devices, answer questions, and more.

How does Echo Dot 2nd Generation connect to the internet?

Echo Dot 2nd Generation connects to the internet through Wi-Fi.

What is the sound quality of the Echo Dot 2nd Generation?

The sound quality of the Echo Dot 2nd Generation is good for its small size, but not as powerful as the larger Amazon Echo or other high-end speakers.

Does Echo Dot 2nd Generation have a built-in battery?

No, Echo Dot 2nd Generation needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet to function.

Can Echo Dot 2nd Generation control smart home devices?

Yes, Echo Dot 2nd Generation can control a wide range of smart home devices, including lights, thermostats, and locks, as long as they are compatible with Alexa.

What is the difference between Echo Dot’s 2nd Generation and later generations?

The main differences between Echo Dot 2nd Generation and later generations are the design, sound quality, and features. Later generations have a sleeker design, improved sound quality, and additional features like a built-in clock display and a Zigbee hub.

Can I make phone calls with Echo Dot 2nd Generation?

Yes, Echo Dot 2nd Generation can make phone calls when connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

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