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Altec Lansing LifeJacket 3 Bluetooth Speaker User Manual

Altec Lansing LifeJacket 3 Bluetooth Speaker FEATURE

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Altec Lansing LifeJacket 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Altec Lansing LifeJacket 3 Bluetooth Speaker PRODUCT

About Altec Lansing
Altec Lansing, Inc. is an American audio electronics company founded in 1927. Their primary products are loudspeakers and associated audio electronics for professional, home, automotive, and multimedia applications. Engineers at Western Electric, who later formed Altec Services Company, developed the technology for motion picture sound that was introduced in 1927, with the release of The Jazz Singer.

Originally, Altec Services Company serviced the theater sound systems the company founders had helped develop. In 1941, the Altec Services Company purchased the nearly bankrupt Lansing Manufacturing Company and melded the two names, forming the Altec Lansing Corporation, and with the manufacturing capabilities of the former Lansing Manufacturing Company, they quickly expanded into manufacturing horn loudspeakers.






FAQS About Altec Lansing LifeJacket 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Can three Altec Lansing speakers be connected to one another?

The newest function on some Altec Lansing speakers is called House Party Mode. You can connect up to 50 speakers at once using the pairing setting. Using this, you may produce a multi-room surround sound effect.

Does the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker require an app?

No Without an app, no Altec Lansing product is complete.

Altec Lansing’s lifespan is how long?

16 hours or more

Why am I unable to connect to my Bluetooth speaker from Altec Lansing?

Make sure your smartphone and speaker are both on and in Bluetooth discoverable mode.

Can you connect many Bluetooth speakers at once?

Bluetooth speakers two

What nation produced Altec Lansing?

American audio electronics business Altec Lansing, Inc. was established in 1927.

What name does the Bluetooth speaker from Altec Lansing go by?

Altec Lansing LifeJacket: 100-foot range, 10 hours of battery life, and a durable, portable speaker with voice assistant.

What is a trademark of Altec?

Altec is a top supplier of goods and services to the electrical utility, telecom, tree-care, lights-and-signs, and contractor industries.

How long does the Altec battery last?

Battery Life of 30 Hours

A Altec Lansing is watertight, right?

IP67 Everything-Proof Rating: It’s floatable, snowproof, watertight, and dirtproof.

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