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iTouchless LOGO

iTouchless is a brand that offers a range of touchless sensor products such as trash cans, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and more. If you need to contact iTouchless for support or inquiries related to their products, you can do so through the following channels:

Website: You can visit iTouchless’s website at www.itouchless.com and navigate to the customer support section to access resources such as articles, FAQs, and contact information.

Phone: You can call iTouchless’s customer service at 1-888-764-9273 (for US and Canada) or refer to their website for international numbers.

Email: You can send an email to iTouchless’s customer support team by visiting the contact page on their website and filling out the form.

Mail: If you need to send a letter to iTouchless, you can use the following address:

iTouchless Housewares & Products, Inc.
1440 S. Carlos Avenue
Ontario, CA 91761
United States

Social Media: iTouchless has official accounts on various social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. You can use these channels to send a message or tweet to iTouchless’s customer support team.

iTouchless DZT13P Sensor Trash Can User Manual
iTouchless DZT13P Sensor Trash Can User Manual

iTouchless DZT13P Sensor Trash Can About iTouchless The first technology business to concentrate solely on developing high-end, feature-rich home hygiene and waste management technologies, such as bins for trash, recycling, and composting, is iTouchless. About your iTouchless® Sensor Trash Can®...

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