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Starfrit The Rock Indoor Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill User Manual

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Starfrit The Rock Indoor Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill

starfrit the rock indoor smokeless electric bbq grill


starfrit the rock indoor smokeless electric bbq grill 1


starfrit the rock indoor smokeless electric bbq grill 2

IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS (Read the instructions before use)

To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, serious personal injury, and/or property damage:

  • Do not touch hot surfaces. Always use the handles while the appliance is in use, if applicable.  Use protective oven mitts or gloves to avoid burns or serious personal injury
  • To protect against electric shock, do not immerse the temperature control dial, power cord, plug, or product in water or expose it to other liquids.
  • Do not use the appliance unless the plate is securely fastened in its corresponding base.
  • Keep the product out of the reach of children and pets. This product is not intended for use by children. Close adult supervision is necessary when any appliance is used near children.
  • Unplug the appliance from the electrical outlet before cleaning and when not in use. Allow to cool down completely before assembling, disassembling, relocating, or cleaning the appliance.
  • Do not operate the product if it has a damaged power cord or plug, or after the appliance malfunctions or has been damaged in any manner. Do not attempt to examine or repair this product yourself. Please call the customer service number provided in this user manual.
  • Do not leave the product unattended while it is in use. Always unplug the product from the electrical outlet when not in use.
  • Use extreme caution when moving an appliance containing hot oil or any other hot liquids.
  • Always attach the temperature control dial to the appliance first, then plug the cord into the wall outlet. To disconnect, switch the control to OFF, remove the plug from the outlet, and then remove the temperature control dial from the appliance. Pull directly on the plug – do not pull on the power cord.
  • Take proper precautions to prevent burns, fire, or personal or property damage as this appliance generates heat and steam during use.
  • Do not plug or unplug the product into/from the electrical outlet with a wet hand.
  • Use the product in a well-ventilated area.
  • Keep the product away from curtains, wall coverings, clothing, dish towels, or other flammable materials.
  • Do not use attachments not recommended or sold by the product manufacturer.
  • This product is intended for indoor, non-commercial use in cooking or heating food. Do not use it outdoors or for any other purpose.
  • Do not allow the power cord to hang (e.g., over the edge of a table or counter) or touch hot surfaces.
  • Do not place the product on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or in a heated oven or microwave oven.
  • Always place the product on a flat, level, stable surface – it is not recommended to use the appliance on temperature-sensitive surfaces.
  • Use the provided temperature control dial only.
  • Connect the power plug to an easily accessible outlet so that the grill can be unplugged immediately in the event of an emergency.
  • Do not use the grill with a programmer or timing device that switches it on automatically. The use of such devices is dangerous and can cause a fire risk.
  • Do not use the appliance for anything other than its intended use.

As a safety feature, this appliance is equipped with a grounded plug, which will only fit into a three-prong outlet. Do not attempt to defeat this safety feature. Improper connection of the grounding conductor may result in the risk of electric shock. Consult a qualified electrician if you are in doubt as to whether the outlet is properly grounded.

A short power supply cord is provided to reduce the risk of becoming entangled in or tripping over a longer cord.


  • Minimize the risk of overheating by using the shortest UL or ETL-listed cord possible.
  • The marked electrical rating must be at least as great as that of the product.
  • Never use a single extension cord to operate more than one appliance.
  • If the product is of the grounding type, the extension cord must be a grounding-type 3-wire cord.
  • Arrange the longer cord so that it will not drape over a countertop or tabletop where it can be tripped over, snagged, or pulled on unintentionally (especially by children).
  • DO NOT alter the plug. DO NOT attempt to defeat the safety purpose of the grounded plug.


  • When using for the first time, remove all packaging materials and unwind the power cord  from the appliance
  • Thoroughly clean the plate and drip tray with a hot, soapy cloth/sponge, ensuring that water or soap does not enter the socket. The cord, plug, and temperature control dial are not  dishwasher safe and cannot be immersed in water at any time
  • Rinse with hot water and thoroughly dry.
  • Ensure the socket and electrical pins are completely dry before using.


  1. Place the base on a heat-resistant countertop in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Place the drip tray on the bottom of the base.starfrit the rock indoor smokeless electric bbq grill 3
  3. Add about 1 cup / 250 ml of water to the drip tray, fully covering the bottom of the pan. Make sure not to fill the drip tray to the rim as the oil and grease collected during grilling will make it overflow.starfrit the rock indoor smokeless electric bbq grill 4
  4. Place the grill plate on top of the base and make sure the drip tray and grill plate are sitting properly on the base.starfrit the rock indoor smokeless electric bbq grill 5
    During the first use, this appliance may give off a slight odor. This is due to the newness of the product.

TO USE (Read the instructions before use)

Do not touch hot surfaces. Always use the handles of the product.  Use protective oven mitts or gloves to avoid burns or serious personal injury.

Never use metal utensils such as forks, knives, mashers, beaters, or food choppers with this product, as they will scratch the non-stick surface. Only use plastic, rubber, wooden, or silicone cooking utensils.

  • Attach the temperature control dial to the socket by aligning the electrical pins in the socket with the electrical pinholes in the temperature control dial, and then slide the dial into position on the base. When ready to use, lightly coat the entire cooking surface with cooking oil or shortening and wipe with a paper towel. Repeat as necessary for a longer lasting non-stick surface.
  • Coat the grill surface with cooking spray or lightly baste it with oil.
  • Plug the power cord into a standard 120-volt AC electrical outlet.
  • Set the temperature control dial to the desired cooking temperature. The LED indicator  will illuminate, indicating the product is heating
  • When the LED indicator turns off, the product has reached the selected temperature. Place food on the grill.
    Do not cook foods at a higher temperature than necessary, as cooking at high temperatures may cause discoloration or shorten the life of the non-stick surface.
    Due to the initial heating of the materials used in the manufacturing of the product, some light smoke/vapors may be released when used initially. This is normal.
    If there is not enough water in the drip tray during cooking, you can pour some through the grill’s water refill channel
  • Once cooking is complete, set the temperature control dial to the “OFF” position and then unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.
  • To detach the temperature control dial, firmly pull away from the base once the grill has completely cooled off.
    Always unplug the product when not in use or when it will be left unattended.
    Use extreme caution when moving/handling the product when it is hot.
  • Hot oil and liquid may splash as grease or juice hits the drip pan. Please be cautious while  grilling
  • Do not touch any hot surfaces while cooking. Certain parts of this appliance become extremely hot while cooking and remain hot while the unit is cooling off.
  • Do not overload the grill surface.
  • For your safety, do not move the appliance when in use.
  • NEVER cook food directly in the drip tray.


starfrit the rock indoor smokeless electric bbq grill 6

  • Flip food halfway through cooking time
  • The grilling chart is for reference only. Actual cooking time may vary according to the type, size, and thickness of food.
  • Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


Ensure the grill is unplugged from the electrical outlet and allow it to cool before handling or cleaning it.


  1. Ensure that the appliance is completely cooled before cleaning. Remove the drip tray and the temperature control dial from the socket before cleaning the product.
  2. Empty the drip tray and drain excess oil on the surface.
  3. Thoroughly wipe the plate and drip tray with a hot, soapy cloth/sponge, ensuring that water or soap does not enter the socket. The cord is not dishwasher safe and cannot be immersed in water at any time.
    After use, do not pour cold water onto the product, as the sudden temperature change may damage the product or create a burn hazard.
    Do not place the grill or cord in a dishwasher.
    Do not use bleach or abrasive cleansers/scouring pads to clean the product, as they may damage the non-stick finish.
  4. Rinse with hot water and thoroughly dry.
  5. Ensure the socket and electrical pins are completely dry before storing or resuming use.
  6. If cleaning the temperature control dial is necessary, wipe with a soft damp cloth sponge and dry thoroughly. NOTE: Do not immerse in water or place a temperature control dial in a dishwasher.


  • Before each use, ensure the handles are securely attached and retighten as necessary if applicable.
  • Store the product in a cool, dry place.
  • For better non-stick performance, it is recommended to add a teaspoon of cooking oil before each use.
  • Never heat an empty plate. Be sure there is oil, butter, liquid, or food before using the grill.
  • Never cut anything on the plate or use utensils with sharp edges to avoid piercing the nonstick surface.
  • Never use metal scouring pads to clean the non-stick surface.
  • Never put cold water into a hot plate. Sudden temperature changes may cause the metal to warp, resulting in an uneven bottom. Let the grill plate cool down on its own or place it in lukewarm soapy water.
  • The cooking surface may become dull and discolored due to the action of certain detergents.
  • Our warranty does not cover this type of wear, as the performance of the grill plate is not affected.


This warranty covers any defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) year from the date of the original purchase. Please retain your original receipt as proof of the purchase date. Any complaints must be registered within the warranty period. The product will be repaired, replaced (parts or entire appliance), or refunded at our sole discretion. Shipping charges may apply.

This warranty does not cover normal wear of parts or damage resulting from any of the following:
Negligent use or misuse of the product including failure to clean the product regularly, use for commercial purposes, accident, use on improper voltage or current, use contrary to the operating instructions, disassembly, repair, or alteration by anyone other than a STARFRIT authorized service agent.

Stains, discoloration, and minor scratches on the inside and outside of the utensil constitute normal use, do not affect performance, and are not covered by this warranty. Decisions as to the cause of damage are the responsibility of Starfrit. All decisions will be final.


FAQS About Starfrit The Rock Indoor Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill

What is the Starfrit The Rock Indoor Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill?

The Starfrit The Rock Indoor Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill is a countertop electric grill designed for indoor use. It allows users to grill their favorite foods without the need for charcoal or propane, and it promises a smokeless cooking experience.

How does the Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill work?

This grill utilizes electric heating elements to cook food evenly. The smokeless feature is achieved through a combination of a drip tray that catches grease and prevents flare-ups, along with a water tray that helps reduce smoke.

Is it safe for indoor use?

Yes, the Starfrit The Rock Indoor Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill is specifically designed for indoor use. It eliminates the need for open flames, reducing the risk of fire hazards associated with traditional outdoor grills.

What kind of foods can I cook on this grill?

You can cook a variety of foods on this grill, including meats (such as steak, chicken, and burgers), vegetables, seafood, and more. It’s versatile enough to accommodate most grilling recipes.

How large is the cooking surface?

The cooking surface of the Starfrit The Rock Indoor Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill varies depending on the model, but it typically offers enough space to grill multiple servings of food at once, suitable for small to medium gatherings.

Is the grill easy to clean?

Yes, the grill is designed for easy cleaning. Most parts are removable and dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze.

Does it require assembly?

Assembly requirements may vary by model, but generally, the grill is straightforward to set up and doesn’t require extensive assembly.

Can I adjust the temperature?

Yes, most models of the Starfrit The Rock Indoor Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill feature adjustable temperature control, allowing you to customize the cooking temperature according to your preferences and the type of food being grilled.

Can I use it outdoors?

While designed for indoor use, some users may opt to use it in well-ventilated outdoor spaces, such as covered patios or balconies. However, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding usage to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Is it energy efficient?

Electric grills are generally considered more energy-efficient than their charcoal or propane counterparts, as they only consume electricity during operation. However, the exact energy efficiency of the Starfrit The Rock Indoor Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill may vary based on factors such as cooking duration and temperature settings.

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