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SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Camera User Guide

SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Camera FEATURE


SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Camera

SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Camera PRODUCT

About SereneLife
SereneLife is a brand that specializes in home and outdoor products designed to improve people’s quality of life. The company produces a wide range of products such as security systems, health and fitness equipment, home appliances, and outdoor gear. Some of SereneLife’s popular products include wireless security cameras, portable air conditioners, electric pressure washers, and smart thermostats.

SereneLife is committed to providing high-quality products that are affordable, easy to use, and designed to meet the needs of modern consumers. They aim to improve people’s daily lives by creating products that simplify their routines and make them feel more secure and comfortable in their homes and outdoor spaces.

Prompt: Our APP will be continuously updated for better user experience. The actual operation interface may not accordance with this manual, please operate according to the APP.

Safety Instruction

These instructions are intended to ensure that the user can use the product correctly to avoid danger or property loss.


  1. Proper configuration of all passwords and other security settings is the responsibility of the installer and end user.
  2. In the use of the product, you must be in strict compliance with the electrical safety regulations of the nation and region. Please refer to the technical specifications for detailed information.
  3. Input voltage should meet both the SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) and the Limited Power Source with 100 to 240 VAC or 5 VDC according to the IEC60950-1 standard. Please refer to the technical specifications for detailed information.
  4. Do not connect several devices to one power adapter as adapter overload may cause overheating or a fire hazard.
  5. Please make sure that the plug is firmly connected to the power socket.
  6. If smoke, odor, or noise rises from the device, turn off the power at once unplug the power cable, and then please contact the service center.

Install MIP APP

  • Method I: Download the APP at: www.mipcm.com/download;
  • Method II: Scan to Download: SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Camera User Guide-fig 1
  • Method Ill: Download the “MIPC” APP from the APP Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android)

Register an Account

Open the “MIPC” APP, click the “register” button, register & log in as instructed (For your account safety & retrieve your password, we suggest you bind with your email before logging in).SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Camera User Guide-fig 2

Add Camera

Click on “+” in the top left corner, choose “PTZ cameras” (FIX/Cloud box/ Panoramic), scan the QR code at the bottom of the camera, and tap the “Add” button to enter the network connection interface.SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Camera User Guide-fig 3

Select Network Connection

You could choose either “Sound connection” or “Ethernet connection” to connect the camera.


  1. Press RESET for 1 second to enter Wi-Fi configuration; press for 10 seconds or longer to restore to factory settings (when you hear a chime, then set successfully).
  2. Try “Ethernet connection” if “Sound connection” is unsuccessful.
  • Option 1: Sound connection
    • a. Click the “Sound connection” icon, set up Wi-Fi for the camera (only support 2.4GHZ), input the Wi-Fi password;
    • b. Power on the device (30-60 seconds after you connect the power, you will hear the chime, and the IR light will turn off, now the camera is powered on); SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Camera User Guide-fig 4
    • c.
      • 1. Click the “Already heard the voice hint” if you hear the chime, and wait until successfully connected.
      • 2. If no chime is heard, please press the RESET button for 1 second, you will hear the voice prompt say “Waiting for receiving the wireless configuration”, dick “Already heard the voice hint”, and wait until successfully connected.

SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Camera User Guide-fig 6

  • Option 2: Ethernet connection
    • a. Click the “Ethernet connection” icon;
    • b. Power on the device, and connect the camera to the router with an Ethernet cable (the camera will be powered on in 30-60 seconds);
    • c. Add the matched device until set up successfully.

SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Camera User Guide-fig 7SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Camera User Guide-fig 8


  1. What if the camera cannot connect to Wi-Fi?
    • Check if your Wi-Fi password contains special characters such as spaces, commas, periods, etc, which may not be recognized by the camera.
    • The camera is only available to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, not 5GHz Wi-Fi. Please check and see the Wi-Fi frequency band of the router.
    • Keep your mobile phone as close to the camera as possible, and keep your camera as close to the router as possible.
    • Poor Wi-Fi signal may fail to connect to your camera. You can use a Wi-Fi Range Extender which will extend the Wi-Fi signal and wireless coverage of existing wireless networks.
    • If you have an Ethernet cable at home, please try to set up the camera with it, then follow the directions on the APP to change into a Wi-Fi network.
    • If you fail to connect the camera, please follow these steps and try again:
      1. Remove the power cord. Then, re-plug it in.
      2. Press and hold the RESET button for over 10 seconds to restore the camera to factory settings when you hear the voice prompt and the IR light turns on.
      3. Set up the camera once more when you hear the voice prompt.
  2. APP can’t receive the alarm notification?
    • The camera has motion detection and alarm functions, but it needs manual setup. Steps: Enter the camera “settings”, select “Notifications”, enable the motion detection feature, and save the settings.
  3. What if I forget my account & password?
    • You can find your account & password with the binding email, it will not be found if not binding with the email.
  4. How can I see the recorded video?
    • For your privacy and security, video files are encrypted, they must be played through a mobile phone APP or computer APP, and they cannot be played directly on the computer, you need to export the video through Stool, a special video export tool. The Stool can be downloaded from www.mipcm.com.
  5. How does the camera restore to factory settings?
    • Press and hold the RESET button for 10 seconds, and you will hear the voice prompt “Restore the factory settings successfully” Now, now camera will start to restore, it will finish in about 60 seconds, and then you will hear a chime (Do not power off during restore procedures).

FAQs about SereneLife Indoor Wireless IP Camera

What distinguishes a wireless camera from an IP camera?

The risk and expense of connecting electrical cable are eliminated when using IP cameras that can be powered over a PoE connection. PoE IP cameras typically have more reliable data transfer and are less prone to experience interference from surrounding devices than solely wireless cameras.

Are IP cameras internet-required?

No. In spite of the moniker “Internet Protocol,” IP security cameras don’t need an external Internet connection. A connection to your local area network is all that is necessary. In its most simple form, this LAN can resemble your IP camera connected directly to your PC’s Ethernet interface.

Are wireless IP cameras secure?

In comparison to a wired security camera, there are more physical ways to attack a WiFi security camera. Despite being installed safely, they are nonetheless susceptible to tampering, for instance, jamming.

Are wireless cameras internet-required?

Although not all security cameras need to be connected to the internet, doing so prevents you from using smart camera features like remote control and notifications. Although most security cameras today are internet-connected, there are a few wireless solutions that don’t need the internet to work.

How are IP wireless cameras operated?

The video signal from a wireless security camera—and, in some cases, the audio signal as well—transmits across a wireless network, such as the internet, to a receiver that is connected to your viewing and recording device. Many users save the video content for later viewing using PCs or cloud storage services.

Will IP cameras function without a router?

Can IP Cameras Be Setup Without Routers. Yes, it is the answer. When you connect your IP cameras to PCs or an entire NVR package, they will be ready to record locally even without routers.

IP cameras—can they save data?

A memory card can be inserted into the (micro) SD card slot of an IP camera even though it lacks a hard drive. This card will be used to store video files locally, eliminating the need for external devices like a NAS or computer.

Cameras—can they function without electricity?

For most CCTV cameras to function properly, electricity is required. However, there are even more options that work both with and without power, like: Batteries-operated wireless security cameras that must be charged solar-powered security apparatus.

How is a wireless camera powered?

Wireless cameras don’t need an electrical power source because they run on batteries. Be aware that for the camera to run continuously and optimally, the batteries may need to be changed multiple times annually.

How frequently do wireless security cameras need to be recharged?

The typical battery life of wireless security cameras is between two and six months. On the other hand, some expensive versions have a battery life of up to a year or longer. The camera’s settings, such as how often motion is detected and how well the video is recorded, might also have an impact on the battery life.


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