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SAMSUNG Automatic Ice Maker User Guide

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SAMSUNG Automatic Ice Maker Instructions

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About Samsung

Samsung is a multinational conglomerate corporation based in South Korea. The company was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-Chul and began as a trading company. Today, Samsung operates in a wide range of industries including electronics, home appliances, semiconductors, telecommunications equipment, and more.

Samsung is perhaps best known for its line of smartphones and tablets, which run on the Android operating system and compete with other popular mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. The company is also a major manufacturer of televisions, including both traditional LCD and LED models as well as newer QLED and MicroLED displays.

In addition to consumer electronics, Samsung produces a range of other products such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, and other home appliances. The company also produces a variety of components and parts used in other devices, including computer chips and memory modules.

Automatic Ice Maker does not work

  • Allow your refrigerator to operate and cool down for 24 hours (1 full day) before the ice maker starts producing ice.SAMSUNG Automatic Ice Maker Instructions fig- (1)
  • To fill the ice bucket to maximum capacity dispense a few cubes 8 and 16 hours after installation.
  • If ICE OFF is lit, the ice maker will not make ice.SAMSUNG Automatic Ice Maker Instructions fig- (2)
  • To activate the ice maker, press the ICE OFF button on control panel so it is no longer gelit. (applicable models only).

Slow Ice cube freezingSAMSUNG Automatic Ice Maker Instructions fig- (3)

  • Check it the bucket is completely inserted. (on some)
  • Freezer temp may not be enough; set it to -2ºF(-19ºC) or lower.

Small or bubbled ice cubes or Slow water dispensing

  • If the water filter is clogged, small or bubbled ice cubes may be produced.
  • Replace the water filter cartridge with a new one.

Water filter replacementSAMSUNG Automatic Ice Maker Instructions fig- (4)

  • Slowly turn the water filter 90° clockwise so it is aligned with the printing mark on the cover locking the filter in position.
    Make sure to align the water filter label mark with center of cover filter printing as illustrated.
  • if you are in trouble of  inserting the water filter as high pressure of water shut off the water supply valve. For details, refer to “Changing the water filter” section of the User Manual.SAMSUNG Automatic Ice Maker Instructions fig- (5)
    After installation or when replacing the water filter, dispense at least 1 gallon 2~3minutes) of water to remove trapped air from the water line. Otherwise, water may drip after dispensing water. (On some models)

Water is not cool enough (On some models)

  • The first glass of water may not be cold enough because the stored water in the water valve has not cooled completely. Dispense several glasses of water and then it would be cool.

Water dispenser dripping (On some models)

  • If the water line is not inserted into the coupler properly., air could penetrate into the water line causing water dripping from the water dispenser.
  • CAUTION: Insert the water line into the coupler completely and slide in the clip at the end of the coupler.SAMSUNG Automatic Ice Maker Instructions fig- (6)
  1. The Water Line must be fully Inserted into the center of the transparent coupler to prevent water leakage from the dispenser.
  2. Insert the clip in the install pack and check that it holds the line firmly.SAMSUNG Automatic Ice Maker Instructions fig- (7)

Fridge or freezer Compartments are warm

  • Allow your refrigerator to operate and cool down for 24 hours (1 full day) to reach to the set temperature.
  • Also, when you put room temperature or warmer food into your refrigerator, it may need an additional 24 hours for the fridge to reach the set temperature.

Moisture forms on the outside/inside of the refrigerator

  • Wipe the condensation with a dry towel (This may occur during hot and humid seasons.)
  • If condensation occurs on the doors, turn off the Energy Saving function.
  • If you open the doors frequently or for too long, it may cause moisture inside the fridge.

Noise Clicks, Pops, Cracks, Snaps

  • These noises may be heard occasionally inside the refrigerator. This is normal. This sound occurs when various items contract or expand while temperatures are changing; especially during defrosting. This may also occur when electronic devices including the ice maker are operating


(applicable models only)

The display may differ depending on the models
For details, refer to the user manual “Using the control panel”

  • Recommended Tem Setting: 0°F (-18°C) for freezer and 37°F (3°C) for refrigerator.
  • Filter Indicator: The filter indicator will be Red If you use water about 300 gallons (6 months) Reset the indicator (it will be Blue) after replacing the filter by holding the “Ice Type/Water/Hold 3 sec for Filter Reset” button for 3seconds.

Cool Select PantrySAMSUNG Automatic Ice Maker Instructions fig- (8)

(On some models)

  • You can select your Pantry temperature from among the following.
    • Wine Party Dishes (38°F[3°C])
    • Fresh (38°F[3°C])
    • Chilled (34°F[1°C])
    • Deli (41°F[5°C])

Food stored in the refrigerator is frozen

  • If food with too much moisture is stored near the cooling vents, it may get frozen. Be sure to keep moist food away from the cooling vents.

Moving and Installing

  • When installing, servicing or cleaning behind the refrigerator, be sure of the following:
  • To Protect your floor’s finish when moving the refrigerator, cut a large section of the cardboard carton and place under the refrigerator where you are working.
  • Pull the unit straight out and push back in straight after finishing.SAMSUNG Automatic Ice Maker Instructions fig- (9)

Leveling & Door Alignment

  • Insert a flat-blade screwdriver into a slot on the control lever, and turn it clockwise or counter-clockwise to level the door.
  • Pull out the freezer drawer 1, then you can see the lower hinge 2.
  • Insert a Phillips screwdriver (+) 3 into shaft 4 of the lower hinge.
    • Adjust the height by turning a Philips screwdriver (+) 3 clockwise ( up ) or counterclockwise (down ).SAMSUNG Automatic Ice Maker Instructions fig- (11)
  • For details,refer to the user manual “Adjusting the level”

DA99-04014A-06SAMSUNG Automatic Ice Maker Instructions fig- (12)

Before calling service

If you have further questions or damaged accessory parts, contact us at 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864)

FAQs About SAMSUNG Automatic Ice Maker

How long does it take to manufacture ice in a brand-new Samsung ice maker?

6–12 hours It will take your refrigerator 6 to 12 hours to start producing ice if you recently installed it. To make sure the ice maker is producing ice from clean water, you should discard the first three batches of ice cubes it makes (about 30 cubes).

How do I operate the Samsung refrigerator’s automated ice maker?

You must turn on the ice maker in order to start making ice. If you hold down the dispenser lever for longer than five seconds when the ice maker is off, it will switch on automatically.

How does the ice maker on my Samsung know when to stop producing ice?

Ice makers made by Samsung are programmed to shut off when they are full. There are two ways to do this: either an optical sensor or a mechanical arm that recognises when the accumulation of ice is sufficient.

Why does it take so long for my Samsung ice maker to produce ice?

Check your freezer’s temperature first if you notice that your ice maker is not producing ice quickly enough. Your ice maker won’t be able to produce enough ice if it’s set too high. Also possible are tiny or crooked pieces of ice. The freezer temperature needs to be set at 0°F or lower for your ice maker to function at its best.

What kind of temperature works best for a Samsung ice maker?

Temperature range of 0 to 5 degrees F. The ice maker won’t work properly if the freezer temperature is higher than 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12C). For the ice maker to function correctly, the freezer temperature needs to be set between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 to -15C).

What should you do if the ice maker on your Samsung stops working?

This is the cause of your Samsung ice maker’s malfunction.
Verify that the Ice Option is turned off.
Look for Ice Buildup and Clumps.
Defrost your refrigerator or bucket.
Verify the water inlet.
Examine the water pressure.
Inspect the Motor and the Water Filter.

How is an automatic ice maker cleaned?

Warm water and dish soap should be added to a big bowl. Dislodge any ice that could be adhered to the ice maker using a clean washcloth dipped in water, then wipe out the entire interior. To clean the ice maker, you can alternatively use a solution made of one part warm water and one part vinegar.

How does an automated ice maker function?

The Evaporator for the Ice Maker Heat from the water moves through the evaporator plate and into the refrigerant once the low-pressure liquid reaches the evaporator. Water starts to cool to the point of freezing as it runs over the evaporator. The water gradually transforms into ice cubes as it freezes.

What occurs if you switch off your ice maker?

The ice will melt and the water will return to the reservoir if the machine is turned off. This needs to be on constantly, exactly like your refrigerator or freezer.

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