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ROCCAT Pyro Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard User Guide

ROCCAT Pyro Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard Featured


ROCCAT Pyro Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard

ROCCAT Pyro Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard Product


ROCCAT®, a company established in 2007, creates beautiful PC accessories designed to give gamers the best possible competitive edge. Rene Korte, the company’s creator, and former esports pro, has led ROCCAT to become a trailblazing producer of PC gaming peripherals with an extensive line of cutting-edge and eye-catching goods. 2019 saw Turtle Beach buy ROCCAT, making it the firm’s official brand for PC gaming accessories.



  • Linear (red) mechanical switches from TTC
  • Volume wheel
  • 5 shared media control keys
  • 50M keystrokes lifetime
  • 1,8m USB cable
  • Gaming Profile
  • Weight: 1110g
  • Dimensions: 447 × 152 × 36mm
  • Switch: TTC linear, 45g Operating Force,
  • 2.0mm actuation point, 4.0mm total travel


  • Windows® 7, 8, and 10 (software support)
  • USB 2.0 (or higher)
  • Internet connection (for driver software)

Should you need assistance …

Our support team is ready to help you with any technical questions Just send an e-mail to support@roccat.org or visit our website at: WWW.ROCCAT.ORG/SUPPORT

Disposal information

The crossed-out wheelie-on symbol means that you must not dispose of this product toge- ber win unsure household was e. As elecucaldevices can contain hammier substances that may cause environmental damage or harm to your health if not disposed of correctly, please dispose of these products separately. As the end user, you are required by law to dispose of used electrical equipment at an official recycling point. or information about local recycling points, contact your local authority, civic amenity site, or the business where you purchased this product. By disposing of electrical products at an official recycling point, you are doing your bit to ensure equipment is recycled correctly and professionally, and our environment is protected.

When purchasing a new product, the retailer will let you hand in old products and dispose of them free of charge provided the product you are handing in is of a similar type and has the same functions as the product you are purchasing. You can hand in small used electrical and electronic equipment measuring no longer than h cm on any one side of tor tree and with re obligation to purchase a similar Paradis at elecincaland electronic retail cutlers with sales areas larger than 400m or at near recycling points designated by the retail outlet. Wherever possible, remove any batteries before disposing of the device. Under the law, as a user, you face the risk of penalties if you dispose of devices and batteries illegally.

Technical support

Having technical problems with this product? Get in touch with our Support team – the www.roocat.org/support

Please keep this information for later reference.

FAQs ROCCAT Pyro Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard

What is the ROCCAT Pyro Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard?

The ROCCAT Pyro Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard is a gaming keyboard designed specifically for PC gaming enthusiasts. It features mechanical key switches, customizable RGB lighting, and programmable macro keys to enhance your gaming experience.

What type of mechanical switches does the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard use?

The ROCCAT Pyro keyboard uses mechanical switches from TTC (TTC Dustproof Mechanical Switches). These switches are known for their durability, responsiveness, and tactile feedback.

Can I customize the RGB lighting on the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard?

Yes, the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard comes with customizable RGB lighting. You can choose from a wide range of colors and lighting effects using the ROCCAT Swarm software, which allows you to personalize the keyboard’s lighting according to your preferences.

Does the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard have programmable macro keys?

Yes, the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard features programmable macro keys. These dedicated keys allow you to assign custom macros or shortcuts to streamline your gaming experience. You can configure the macro keys using the ROCCAT Swarm software.

Does the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard have anti-ghosting or N-key rollover?

Yes, the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard supports N-key rollover, which means that every key press will be registered, no matter how many keys are pressed simultaneously. This feature ensures that your commands are accurately registered during intense gaming sessions.

Is the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard compatible with both Windows and Mac computers?

Yes, the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. However, note that some features, such as customizing the RGB lighting and programming macros, may require the ROCCAT Swarm software, which is currently only available for Windows.

Does the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard have a wrist rest?

No, the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard does not come with a wrist rest included. However, you can use an external wrist rest if desired for added comfort during long gaming sessions.

Are the keycaps on the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard replaceable?

Yes, the keycaps on the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard are replaceable. You can purchase compatible keycap sets separately and easily swap them out according to your preference.

Does the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard have USB pass-through ports?

No, the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard does not have USB pass-through ports. It connects to your computer via a standard USB cable.

Can I use the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard for typing and everyday computer tasks?

Absolutely! While the ROCCAT Pyro keyboard is designed with gaming in mind, it can also be used for typing and regular computer tasks. The mechanical switches provide a satisfying typing experience, and the keyboard’s durability ensures it can handle everyday use.

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