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Ring Spotlight Cam Hardwired Kit User Guide

Ring Spotlight Cam Hardwired Kit featured

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Ring Spotlight Cam Hardwired Kit

Ring Spotlight Cam Hardwired Kit

About Ring
Ring LLC is a manufacturer of home security and smart home devices owned by Amazon. It manufactures a titular line of smart doorbells, home security cameras, and alarm systems


Use Responsibly. Read all instructions and safety information before use.


Small parts contained in the Spotlight Cam Hardwire Kit may present a choking hazard to small children. Keep small parts away from children.

Terms of Service and Warranty

Use of the product is subject to your registration with Ring and your agreement with the Terms of Service found at www.ring.com/terms.
To review your warranty coverage, please refer to the enclosure inside this box or visit www.ring.com/warranty.


In some areas, the disposal of certain electronic devices is regulated. Make sure you dispose of or recycle, your device in accordance with your local laws and regulations. For information about recycling your device, go to www.amazon.com/devicesupport.

WARNING: Risk of electrical shock.
Disconnect power at the fuse or circuit breaker before installing.

Verify that the supply voltage is correct. Connect the fixture to a 100 VAC~240 VAC 50/60 Hz power source.

Always follow electrical code standards when installing wired connections.

If you are outside of North America, installation and wiring must be performed by a licensed electrician.

CAUTION: Risk of fire.

Do not install near combustible or flammable surfaces.


Do not connect this light fixture to a dimmer switch or timer. Must be installed on a UL-listed weatherproof electrical box.

What’s in the box?

  • Screwdriver & Phillips: Bit Use to install the box cover and tighten the security screw.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-1
  • Bag o’ Screws & Washers: Use four screws when mounting to a round electrical box, or two when mounting to a rectangular box.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-2
  • Wire Nuts: Use to secure and protect wire connections.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-3
  • Hanging Hook: Use to hold the weatherproof box cover in position as you install it.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-4
  • Round Weatherproof Box Cover: Use to mount your Spotlight Cam on a round weatherproof electrical box.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-5
  • Rectangular Weatherproof Box Covers (Vertical & Horizontal) Use to mount your Spotlight Cam on a 1-gang rectangular weatherproof electrical box.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-6
  • Wiring Harness and Mounting Nut Use to attach your Spotlight Cam to your chosen weatherproof box cover, and connect it to your household wiring.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-7
  • Security Screw Use to secure your Spotlight Cam to the box cover.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-8

How it all fits together…Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-9

Remove your Spotlight Cam from its base.

While holding the mounting base, turn Spotlight Cam to the left to disengage it, and set the camera aside for now.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-10

Mounting Styles: Wall

When mounting to a vertical wall, you’ll usually want the mounting port to face downwards.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-11

Mounting Styles: Ceiling

If mounting to a horizontal surface, face the port in the direction you want the camera to see.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-12

Installation Height and Motion Detection

When mounted at the recommended height (9 feet up, with the motion sensor parallel to the ground), your Spotlight Cam is optimized to detect human-sized objects at up to 30 feet.

Shut the power off at the breaker.

If you don’t know where your breaker is or how to turn off power to your electrical box, consult with a licensed electrician.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-13

Remove your existing light or camera. (if applicable)

With power off at the breaker, remove your existing floodlight or camera from the electrical box and disconnect the wires. If there is a bracket attached to your electrical box, remove that as well.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-14

Hang the box cover.

Inspect the box to make sure water can’t get in.

Then use the included hanging hook to hold the weatherproof box cover in place as you wire it in.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-15

Connect the power wires.

Connect the black and white wires on the wiring harness to the black (hot) and white (neutral) wires coming out of your electrical box.

Use the included wire nuts to secure and protect the connections.

The red wire is optional, and should only be connected if you wish to control other lights with your Spotlight Cam.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-16

If you don’t have clearly colored black and white wires coming out of your electrical box, consult with a licensed electrician.

Auxiliary Light Control

Your Spotlight Cam has an advanced motion detection system. If you’d like other lights (such as floodlights) to be triggered by the motion detector in your Spotlight Cam, wire them according to this diagram.

Your connected lights also turn on when you manually enable your Spotlight Cam lights in the Ring app.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-17

Screw in the box cover.

Use the included screws to secure the box cover to the electrical box. Be sure to add a metal washer, then a rubber washer to each screw before inserting.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-18

Mount your Spotlight, Cam.

Insert your Spotlight Cam into the box cover. Once it’s fully seated, turn to the right to lock it in.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-19

Add the Security Screw.

Insert and tighten the security screw to lock your Spotlight Cam into the box cover.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-20

Turn on the power at the breaker.

Once your Spotlight Cam is installed, it’s time to turn the power back on at the breaker.

If the lights on your Spotlight Cam turn on, you’re all set!

If not, turn the power off at the breaker and check your connections.

Try it out!

After setup, tap the Live View button in the Ring app to see the video from your Spotlight Cam. If you have any problems, visit ring.com/help.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-21

White light flashing?

If the light on the bottom of your Spotlight Cam flashes or stays illuminated after setup, this means it’s updating its internal software.

This update can take up to a few minutes. The light turns off when the update is complete.

Adjust the camera angle.

To ensure accurate motion detection, position your Spotlight Cam so the border of the motion detector is parallel with the ground.

Tighten the side screw to secure the camera position.Ring-Spotlight-Cam-Hardwired-Kit-User-Guide-22

For additional help,

  • visit: ring.com/help
  • Or give us a call…
    • US 1 800 656 1918
    • Canada 1 855 300 7289
    • Worldwide +1 310 929 7085

For a list of all our customer support numbers, visit: ring.com/callus

FAQs about Ring Spotlight Cam Hardwired Kit

Is it possible to hard wire a ring spotlight cam?

A Spotlight Cam can be hardwired for peace of mind that it will always be charged. Batteries occasionally need to be recharged, wired electrical outlets are susceptible to electrical shorts or being ripped out of the wall, and cloudy or rainy days can be dangerous for solar panels.

What length is the wired cord for the Ring Spotlight camera?

A 20-foot power cord is included with the Spotlight Cam Wired for use with an outdoor outlet. LED light strips on either side of a 140-degree wide-angle lens operate as the spotlight and turn on when motion is detected. The camera’s bottom features a dome-shaped motion sensor with a 270-degree detection angle.

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired’s brightness?

The maximum light output rises to 375 lumens if you use the Ring Spotlight Wired camera. All of the functions of the Spotlight Battery are present in this camera.

Must every ring camera be hardwired?

Some Ring security cameras and doorbells run on batteries and don’t need wiring to function. Other devices need to be hardwired or are plug-only.

Is it possible to hardwire Ring cameras to the Internet?

Yes, but only inside. If you need to transfer the Stick Up Cam Wired farther away, we advise utilizing the Power over Ethernet adaptor. You may set up using wifii without connecting the other end to your router.

Is there a battery in the wired Ring Spotlight Cam?

A HD camera with two-way communication and illumination that is wired for continuous power and security. Battery-operated HD camera with two-way conversation and illumination for security wherever it’s needed.

Spotlight cam wired: what is it?

Ring You may design and personalize your own motion zones with Spotlight Cam Wired so you can concentrate on the most crucial regions of your house. You’ll receive a prompt notification on your phone, tablet, or computer as soon as someone enters your property and activates your motion sensors.

Low voltage wired ring cameras are they?

The hardwiring of Ring Video Doorbells to low-voltage doorbell transformers is their intended use. Different models have different power needs. Find out each Video Doorbell’s power needs. Note: Ring Video Doorbells are incompatible with mains power in some countries, but wired doorbells can sometimes run on it.

How much electricity is consumed by the Ring Spotlight?

1–2 of 2 Solutions. Hello Leahurst, the Ring Spotlight Cam Wired consumes less than 2 Watts while it is in idle or standby mode, roughly 25 Watts when the light and camera are on, and between 4 and 5 Watts when the camera’s night vision is activated.

How does the Ring hardwired function?

Hardwiring. An old mechanical or electronic doorbell that runs on a voltage between 8 volts AC and 24 volts AC can easily be linked to a Ring Doorbell 2. When your Ring Doorbell 2 is connected, clicking the button will start your pre-existing chime.

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