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Pyle PLATV85BT Marine ATV Powered Speakers User Guide

Pyle PLATV85BT Marine ATV Powered Speakers FEATURE


Pyle PLATV85BT Marine ATV Powered Speakers

Pyle PLATV85BT Marine ATV Powered Speakers PRODUCT

About Pyle

Pyle is a well-known consumer electronics company that specializes in manufacturing a wide range of audio equipment and accessories. The company was founded in 1960 and is based in Brooklyn, New York. Pyle Audio has built a reputation for producing affordable and quality audio products, catering to various consumer needs.

Product Technical Parameters




Part 1



  • Turn On / Standby: Press this key to turn on LEDs or switch to standby mode.
  • Dynamic Mode button: Switch from dynamic mode to color mode or switch between dynamic modes.
  • Dynamic Mode Speed button: Use these buttons to adjust dynamic mode speed. If the unit is in static mode, pressing these buttons will switch the unit to dynamic mode.
  • Static Color Adjust button: Use this button to switch between static colors. Pressing these keys while in dynamic mode will switch the unit to static mode.
  • Brightness Adjust button: Pressing these buttons will adjust brightness in static mode. If these buttons are pressed while the unit is in dynamic mode, it will switch to static mode.
  • Demo Mode button: This button will switch the unit into demo mode. While in demo mode, the unit will loop through 9 of the dynamic modes with each repeating 3 times.
  1. Bluetooth Name: PLATV65BT Bluetooth Password:0000
  2. Bluetooth Name: PLATV85BT Bluetooth Password:0000


  • Please remember to remove the plastic insulator from the remote unit battery compartment.
  • This remote uses a 3-volt CR2025-type battery. When replacing be sure to use only the same type of battery
  • The remote signal can pass through most obstacles
  • Do not install the unit in areas surrounded by metal as the remote signal will not reach the unit.

For more detailed information visit us at: PyleAudio.com

FAQS About Pyle PLATV85BT Marine ATV Powered Speakers

Is Pyle a reliable speaker company?

The Pyle PA Speaker System is a terrific purchase for anyone looking for a top-notch audio experience thanks to its potent sound, wireless connectivity, and sturdy construction.

Can you connect many Pyle speakers together?

Yes, you can link as many Pyle Speakers as you like. However, distinct cables are required for each pair’s connection. such that. There is no interference between the pairings.

What do Pyle speakers go by on Bluetooth?

USA Pyle

How is a Pyle speaker recharged?

The red charging indicator will continue to light up after turning the device off, inserting the included charge cable into the unit’s charge slot and connecting the other end to a PC or other charger with a DC5V output.

My Pyle speaker is blaring; why?

One of the most frequent causes of beeping is a low battery.

Can two speakers be combined?

You can typically connect speakers in parallel if they have an impedance of 8 ohms or higher.

What does the Pyle outdoor speaker pin look like?

As soon as “PyleUSA” appears, connect to the mobile device by turning on Bluetooth on the mobile device and starting a search. Mobile device pairing does not require a password, but if prompted, enter “0000” to continue.

A speaker has the ability to connect to various devices.

Multipoint pairing for Bluetooth was first made available in Bluetooth 4.0.

Does the Pyle Bluetooth speaker have a companion app?

Apple iOS PyleAudio

How much time does a Pyle speaker require to charge?

Keep your portable system’s batteries charged and ready to use. Fully charging takes 8–10 hours.

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