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Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver Installation Manual

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver featured

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Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver

Important safety information

Rear visibility systems (backup cameras) are required in certain new vehicles sold in the U.S. and Canada. U.S. regulations began according to a two-year phase-in on May 1, 2016, and both the U.S. and Canada require that all such vehicles manufactured on or after May 1, 2018, have rear visibility systems. Owners of vehicles equipped with compliant rear visibility systems should not install or use this product in a way that alters or disables that system’s compliance with applicable regulations.

If you are unsure whether your vehicle has a rear visibility system subject to U.S. or Canadian regulations, please contact the vehicle manufacturer or dealer. If your vehicle has a compliant backup camera that displays the backup view through the factory receiver, do not use the Pioneer receiver unless it is connected to and displays the same view as the factory backup camera. Connection to the factory backup camera will require an adaptor, sold separately. Not all vehicles may be able to connect. Please check with a qualified professional installer for installation options specific to your vehicle.

Checking supplied items

This product/ connection cables/ installation parts/ Remote Control

  • This product (x1)
  • Power cord (x1)
  • Pre-out cord (x1)
    SWC/Back Camera cord (x1)
  • AUX IN cord (x1)
  • USB cable (x1)
  • SiriusXM® cable (x1)
  • Flush surface screw (x6)
  • Truss head screw (x6)
  • Remote Control (x1) (DMH-W2770NEX)

GPS antenna/ installation parts

  • GPS antenna (x1)
  • Double-sided tape (x1)
  • Clamps (X3)

Microphone installation parts

  • Microphone (x1)
  • Double-sided tape (x1)

Other items

  • Manual(s) (×1)
  • Warranty Card (x1)



  • Do not operate this product, any applications, or the rearview camera option (if purchased) if doing so will divert your attention in any way from the safe operation of your vehicle. Always observe safe driving rules and follow all existing traffic regulations. If you experience difficulty in operating this product, pull over, park your vehicle in a safe location, and apply the parking brake before making the necessary adjustments.
  • Do not install this product where it may
    • obstruct the driver’s vision,
    • impair the performance of any of the vehicle’s operating systems or safety features, including airbags, and hazard lamp buttons, or
    • impair the driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle. In some cases, it may not be possible to install this product because of the vehicle type or the shape of the vehicle interior.

Important safeguards

Pioneer does not recommend that you install this product yourself. This product is designed for professional installation only. We recommend that only authorized Pioneer service personnel, who have special training and experience in mobile electronics, set up and install this product. NEVER SERVICE THIS PRODUCT YOURSELF. Installing or servicing this product and its connecting cables may expose you to the risk of electric shock or other hazards, and can cause damage to this product that is not covered by warranty.

Precautions before connecting the system

Do not take any steps to tamper with or disable the parking brake interlock system which is in place for your protection. Tampering with or disabling the parking brake interlock system could result in serious injury or death.


  • Secure all wiring with cable clamps or electrical tape. Do not allow any bare wiring to remain exposed.
  • Do not directly connect the yellow lead of this product to the vehicle battery. If the lead is directly connected to the battery, engine vibration may eventually cause the insulation to fail at the point where the wire passes from the passenger compartment into the engine compartment. If the yellow lead’s insulation tears as a result of contact with metal parts, short-circuiting can occur, resulting in considerable danger.
  • It is extremely dangerous to allow cables to become wound around the steering column or shift lever. Be sure to install this product, its cables, and wiring away in such so that they will not obstruct or hinder driving.
  • Make sure that the cables and wires will not interfere with or become caught in any of the vehicle’s moving parts, especially the steering wheel, shift lever, parking brake, sliding seat tracks, doors, or any of the vehicle’s controls.
  • Do not route wires where they will be exposed to high temperatures. If the insulation heats up, wires may become damaged, resulting in a short circuit or malfunction and permanent damage to the product.
  • Do not shorten any leads. If you do, the protection circuit (fuse holder, fuse resistor filter, etc.) may fail to work properly.
  • Never feed power to other electronic products by cutting the insulation of the power supply lead of this product and tapping into the lead. The current capacity of the lead will be exceeded, causing overheating.

Before installing this product

  • Use this unit with a 12-volt battery and negative grounding only. Failure to do so may result in a fire or malfunction.
  • To avoid shorts in the electrical system, be sure to disconnect the (-) battery cable before installation.

To prevent damage


  • When speaker output is used by 4 channels, use speakers over 50 W (Maximum input power) and between 4 2 to 80 (impedance value). Do not use 1 2 to 30 speakers for this unit.
  • The black cable is ground. When installing this unit or power amp (sold separately), make sure to connect the ground wire first. Ensure that the ground wire is properly connected to the metal parts of the car’s body. The ground wire of the power amp and the one of this unit or any other device must be connected to the car separately with different screws. If the screw for the ground wire loosens or falls out, it could result in fire generation of smoke or malfunction.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 1

  • When replacing the fuse, be sure to only use a fuse of the rating prescribed on this product.
  • This product cannot be installed in a vehicle without the ACC (accessory) position on the ignition switch.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 2

  • To avoid short-circuiting, cover the disconnected lead with insulating tape. It is especially important to insulate all unused speaker leads, which if left uncovered may cause a short circuit.
  • For connecting a power amp or other devices to this product, refer to the manual for the product to be connected.
  • The graphical symbol =—— placed on the product means direct current.

Notice for the blue/white lead

  • When the ignition switch is turned on (ACCON), a control signal is output through the blue/white lead. Connect to an external power amp’s system remote control terminal, the auto-antenna relay control terminal, or the antenna booster power control terminal (max. 300 mA 12 V DC). The control signal is output through the blue/white lead, even if the audio source is switched off.

This product

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 3

  1. GPS antenna 3.55 m (11 ft. 8 in.)
  2. Microphone 3 m (9 ft. 10-1/8 in.)
  3. This product
  4. Antenna jack
  6. Connector 2 (AUX IN)
  7. Pre-out supply
  8. SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner Be sure to use the SiriusM cable supplied with this product. Refer to the installation guide for SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner (sold separately).
  9. Fuse (10 A)
  10. Power supply
  11. To connector 1
  12. SWC/Back Camera cord
  13. Wired remote input (STEERING WHEEL CONTROL) Hard-wired remote control adapter can be connected (sold separately).14 Brown (REAR VIEW CAMERA IN)
  14. Yellow/black (MUTE)

Power cord

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 4

  1. To power supply
  2. Power cord
  3. Yellow To terminal supplied with power regardless of ignition switch position.
  4. Red To electric terminal controlled by ignition switch (12 V DC) ON/OFF
  5. Orange/white To lighting switch terminal.
  6. Black (ground) To vehicle (metal) body.
  7. Violet/white Of the two lead wires connected to the back lamp, connect the one in which the voltage changes when the gear shift is in the REVERSE (R) position. This connection enables the unit to sense whether the car is moving forward or backward.
  8. Pink Car speed signal input
  9. Blue/white Connect to the system control terminal of the power amp (max. 300 mA 12 V DC).
  10. Light green is Used to detect the ON/OFF status of the parking brake. This lead must be connected to the power supply side of the parking brake switch.
  11. Power supply side
  12. Parking brake switch
  13. Ground side

Speaker leads

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 5

  1. To power supply
  2. Power cord
  3. Left
  4. Right
  5. Front speaker
  6. Rear speaker
  7. White
  8. White/Black
  9. Gray
  10. Gray/black
  11. Green
  12. Green/black
  13. Violet
  14. Violet/black

Power amp (sold separately)

The speaker leads are not used when this connection is in use.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 6

  1. Subwoofer output (SUBWOOFER OUT L/SUBWOOFER OUT R)
  2. RCA cable (sold separately)
  3. Power amp
  4. Front output (FRONT OUT L/FRONT OUT R)
  5. Rear output (REAR OUT L/REAR OUT R)
  6. Yellow/black (MUTE) If you use equipment with a Mute function, wire this lead to the Audio Mute lead on that equipment. If not, keep the Audio Mute lead free of any connections.
  7. Pre-out cord
  8. To pre-the supply
  9. To connector 1
  10. System remote control Connect to Blue/white cable.
  11. Rear speaker
  12. Front speaker
  13. Subwoofer

iPhone and smartphone


  • For details on how to connect an external device using a separately sold cable, refer to the manual for the cable.
  • For details concerning the connection and operations of iPhone or smartphone, refer to the Operation Manual.
  • iPhone and Lightning are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

iPhone with Lightning connector

Connecting via the USB port

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 7

  1. iPhone with Lightning connector
  2. USB interface cable for iPhone (sold separately)
  3. USB cable 1.5 m (4 ft. 11 in.)
  4. USB port

Smartphone (Android™ device)

Connecting via the USB port

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 8

  1. Smartphone
  2. USB – micro USB cable (USB Type-A to micro USB Type-B) (sold separately) USB Type-C° cable (USB Type-A to USB Type-C) (sold separately)
  3. USB cable 1.5 m (4 ft. 11 in.)
  4. USB port


About the rearview camera
When you use the rearview camera, the rearview image is automatically switched from the video by moving the shift lever to REVERSE (R). Camera View mode also allows you to check what is behind you while driving.



  • The screen image may appear reversed.
  • With the rearview camera, you can keep an eye on trailers, or back into a tight parking spot. Do not use it for entertainment purposes.
  • Objects in rear view may appear closer or more distant than in reality.
  • The image area of full-screen images displayed while backing or checking the rear of the vehicle may differ slightly.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 9

  1. This product
  2. Connector 1
  3. Power supply
  4. To connector 1
  5. To power supply
  6. SWC/Back Camera cord
  7. Power cord
  9. Violet/white (REVERSE-GEAR SIGNAL INPUT) Refer to the Power cord on page 4.
  10. RCA cable (sold separately)
  11. To video output
  12. Rearview camera (sold separately)

External video component and the display

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 10

  1. This product
  2. Pre-out supply
  3. Connector 2
  4. To connector 2
  5. To pre-the supply
  6. Pre-out cord
  7. Mini-jack AV cable (sold separately)
  8. AUX input (AUX IN)
  9. AUX IN cord
  10. Yellow (REAR MONITOR OUT)
  11. Yellow
  12. Red, white
  13. RCA cables (sold separately)
  14. To video input
  15. Rear display with RCA input jacks
  16. To video output
  17. To audio outputs
  18. External video component (sold separately)

Be sure to use a mini-jack AV cable (sold separately) for wiring. If you use other cables, the wiring position might differ resulting in disturbed images and sounds.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 11

  • L: Left audio (White
  • R: Right audio (Red)
  • V: Video (Yellow)
  • G: Ground


Precautions before installation


  • Never install this product in places where, or in a manner that:
    • Could injure the driver or passengers if the vehicle stops suddenly.
    • May interfere with the driver’s operation of the vehicle, such as on the floor in front of the driver’s seat, or close to the steering wheel or shift lever.
  • To ensure proper installation, be sure to use the supplied parts in the manner specified. If any parts are not supplied with this product, use compatible parts in the manner specified after you have the part compatibility checked by your dealer. If parts other than supplied or compatible ones are used, they may damage internal parts of this product or they may work loose and the product may become detached.
  • Do not install this product where it may
    • obstruct the driver’s vision,
    • impair the performance of any of the vehicle’s operating systems or safety features, including airbags, hazard lamp buttons or
    • impair the driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle.
  • Never install this product in front of or next to the place in the dashboard, door, or pillar from which one of your vehicle’s airbags would deploy. Please refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for reference to the deployment area of the frontal airbags.

Before installing

  • Consult with your nearest dealer if installation requires drilling holes or other modifications of the vehicle.
  • Before making a final installation of this product, temporarily connect the wiring to confirm that the connections are correct and the system works properly.

Installation notes

  • Do not install this product in places subject to high temperatures or humidity, such as:
    • Places close to a heater, vent, or air conditioner.
    • Places exposed to direct sunlight, such as on top of the dashboard.
    • Places that may be exposed to rain, such as close to the door or on the vehicle’s floor.
  • Install this product horizontally on a surface within 0 to 60 degrees tolerance.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 12

  • When installing, to ensure proper heat dispersal when using this unit, make sure you leave ample space behind the rear panel and wrap any loose cables so they are not blocking the vents.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 13

Installation using the screw holes on the side of this product

Fastening this product to the factory radio-mounting bracket
Position this product so that its screw holes are aligned with the screw holes of the bracket, and tighten the screws at three locations on each side. Use either the truss head screws (5 mm × 9 mm) or flush surface screws (5 mm x 9 mm), depending on the shape of the bracket’s screw holes.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 14

The amount of this unit’s protrusion from the dashboard/console can be adjusted by shifting the position of the screw hole of this unit to the factory radio-mounting bracket.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 15

  1. Factory radio-mounting bracket
  2. If the pawl interferes with installation, you may bend it down out of the way.
  3. Dashboard or console
  4. Truss head screw or flush surface screw Be sure to use the screws supplied with this product.

Installing the GPS antenna

Do not cut the GPS antenna lead to shorten it or use an extension to make it longer. Altering the antenna cable could result in a short circuit or malfunction and permanent damage to this product.

Installation notes

  • The antenna should be installed on a level surface where radio waves will be blocked as little as possible. Radio waves cannot be received by the antenna if reception from the satellite is blocked.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 16

  1. Dashboard
  2. Rear shelf
  • Take care not to pull the antenna lead when removing the GPS antenna. The lead may become detached.
  • Do not paint the GPS antenna, as this may affect its performance.

When installing the antenna inside the vehicle (on the dashboard or rear shelf)

Do not install the GPS antenna over any sensors or vents on the dashboard of the vehicle, as doing so may interfere with the proper functioning of such sensors or vents and may compromise the ability of the GPS antenna to properly and securely affix to the dashboard.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 17

  1. GPS antenna
  2. Double-sided tape
  3. Clamps Use clamps to secure the lead where necessary inside the vehicle.

Installing the microphone

  • Install the microphone in a place where its direction and distance from the driver make it easiest to pick up the driver’s voice.
  • Be sure to turn off (ACC OFF) the product before connecting the microphone.
  • Depending on the vehicle model, the microphone cable length may be too short when you mount the microphone on the sun visor. In such cases, install the microphone on the steering column.

Mounting on the sun visor

  • Fit the microphone lead into the groove.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 18

  1. Microphone lead
  2. Groove
  • Attach the microphone clip to the sun visor.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 19

  1. Microphone clip
  2. Clamps Use separately sold clamps to secure the lead where necessary inside the vehicle.

Install the microphone on the sun visor when it is in the up position. It cannot recognize the driver’s voice if the sun visor is in the down position.

Installation on the steering column

  • Detach the microphone base from the microphone clip by sliding the microphone base while pressing the tab.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 20

  1. Tab
  2. Microphone base
  • Mount the microphone on the steering column.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 21

  1. Double-sided tape
  2. Clamps Use separately sold clamps to secure the lead where necessary inside the vehicle.

Adjusting the microphone angle

The microphone angle can be adjusted.

Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver 22

For more Manuals by PIONEER, visit MANUALSDOCK

FAQS About Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver

What is the Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX Digital Multimedia Receiver?

The Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX is a digital multimedia receiver designed for in-car entertainment. It offers a wide range of features including touchscreen control, smartphone integration, audio playback, and more.

What are the key features of the Pioneer DMH-W2770NEX?

Key features include a 7-inch touchscreen display, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming, HD Radio tuner, customizable display and audio settings, and support for various audio and video formats.

Does it support wireless connectivity?

Yes, the DMH-W2770NEX supports wireless connectivity for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing users to seamlessly connect their smartphones to the receiver without the need for cables.

Can I customize the display and audio settings?

Yes, the receiver offers extensive customization options for the display and audio settings, allowing users to adjust the display brightness, color scheme, audio equalizer settings, and more to suit their preferences.

Is it easy to install?

Installation may require some technical knowledge, but Pioneer provides detailed installation instructions and wiring diagrams to assist users. It’s recommended to have it installed by a professional car audio installer for optimal results.

What audio sources does it support?

The DMH-W2770NEX supports various audio sources including AM/FM radio, HD Radio, Bluetooth audio streaming, USB playback, and compatibility with music streaming services through smartphone integration.

Can I make hands-free calls with this receiver?

Yes, the built-in Bluetooth functionality allows users to make hands-free calls directly from their smartphone contacts through the receiver’s interface.

Does it have built-in navigation?

No, the DMH-W2770NEX does not have built-in navigation. However, it supports smartphone integration with navigation apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

What is the display resolution of the touchscreen?

The 7-inch touchscreen display of the DMH-W2770NEX has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, providing crisp and clear visuals for easy navigation and viewing of multimedia content.

Is there a warranty?

Pioneer typically provides a limited warranty for their products, including the DMH-W2770NEX. It’s recommended to check the warranty terms and conditions provided by Pioneer or the retailer from which it was purchased.

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