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Nuroum V15-AF 2K Webcam with Microphone Datasheet

Nuroum V15-AF 2K Webcam with Microphone FEATURE

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Nuroum V15-AF 2K Webcam with Microphone

Nuroum V15-AF 2K Webcam with Microphone PRODUCT

About Nuroum

NUROUM is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is powered by Nearity Technology. NUROUM is a leading audio and visual equipment manufacturer that provides a variety of simple-to-use tools for personal collaborators, SMB collaborators, and content makers. Our product innovation is driven by neural network deep learning, which means that our products are always evolving to fit the needs of our clients. Our goal is to give our consumers the greatest possible experience, whether they use our goods for personal or professional reasons.


NUROUM V15-AF is a 2K smart webcam. Equipped with 4MP HD Image Sensor, and a 75° wide angle lens, V15-AF provides the same clear video images in different light conditions. Featuring a built-in dual mic and 3D noise suppression and area sound pickup are realized. The V15-AF webcam protects your privacy and gives you more peace of mind during your work. V15-AF is an ideal choice for an individual or small team with less than 4 people.

Product Features

Fast autofocus webcam provides crystal image quality, easy to capture every detail.

2K image
The V15-AF features a 1080P@60fps FHD camera. It presents peerless images and vivid colors.

AI Noise Suppression
Dual microphones with AI noise suppression filter out unwanted noise and automatically pick up your voice within a 3-meter radius, making your voice more natural and clear.

Flexible, Plug-and-Play Connectivity
Simply connect it to your computer with a U SB cable and it’s ready to use, no e extra drivers are required.

Designed for privacy
V15-AF webcam comes with a special function that can reliably protect privacy by switching the camera ON/OFF and muting /unmuting the microphone with a touch.

  • AI Noise-Suppression
  • Max 2k@30fps / 1080p@60fps
  • Mute on/off
  • Auto-focus
  • Privacy protection supported
  • Camera on/off
  • 75° viewing angle



*All tech specs are subject to change without notice.

Official website: nuroum.com

FAQS About Nuroum V15-AF 2K Webcam with Microphone

Is it necessary to utilize a webcam with a microphone?

A camera with a microphone is an excellent tool for communicating and interacting with others. It may be used for video conferencing, messaging, and even video recording. It’s also excellent for creating online tutorials.

Is a webcam microphone adequate?

Yes, webcams for PC with microphones are useful for video calls and Internet chatting since they take images of the person or item in front of them and record sound with their built-in microphone.

Why is it necessary to have a webcam?

Webcams have a higher resolution than built-in laptop cameras, thus they can provide superior image quality in Skype, Zoom, and other video conferencing software.

What are the characteristics of a webcam?

They can offer complex features like image archiving, motion detection, bespoke coding, and even automation. Webcams are also utilized for social video recording, video streaming, and computer vision, as well as security surveillance and videoconferencing.

What exactly is a webcam?

A webcam is a digital image capture input device. These are sent to the computer, which then sends them to a server. They can then be transmitted to the hosting page. A webcam is commonly seen on laptops and desktop computers.

What’s the distinction between a camera and a webcam?

DIGITAL CAMERA:- A digital camera is a portable camera that runs on batteries and usually contains a memory card slot for storing photographs and videos. WEB CAMERA: A webcam is a small camera that connects to a computer [or is incorporated into a laptop] and is commonly used for online video conversations.

What is the significance of the term “webcam”?

Etymology. Web + cam, abbreviated from camera.

What is the webcam principle?

The camera’s “Webcam” functionality is provided by the software. Webcam software “grabs a frame” from the digital camera at a predetermined time (for example, once every 30 seconds) and transfers it to another location for viewing.

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