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JVC HA-KD10 Bluetooth Kids Headphones User Manual

JVC HA-KD10 Bluetooth Kids Headphones FEATURE


JVC HA-KD10 Bluetooth Kids Headphones

JVC HA-KD10 Bluetooth Kids Headphones PRODUCT

About JVC

JVC (JVCKENWOOD Europe B.V.) is JVCKENWOOD Corporation’s wholly owned subsidiary. JVC is a renowned creator and manufacturer of sophisticated audio and video products that employ cutting-edge technologies to produce high-quality sound and visuals.

JVC provides high-definition displays and home theater projectors, digital video camcorders, home theater systems, audio components and systems, portable audio products, digital storage devices, audio and video accessories, and automobile audio/video products in its consumer products.


  1. JVC HA-KD10 Bluetooth Kids Headphones-fig 1
  2. When power is off, hold © button down until the indicator flashes alternately in red and white

    JVC HA-KD10 Bluetooth Kids Headphones-fig 2
    Select “JVC HA-KD10W” from the device list.
    JVC HA-KD10 Bluetooth Kids Headphones-fig 2

  3. JVC HA-KD10 Bluetooth Kids Headphones-fig 4

  4. JVC HA-KD10 Bluetooth Kids Headphones-fig 5

WARNING For Europe

  • Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years due to small parts and entanglement hazards.
  • Do not listen at high volume for an extended period. Do not use it while driving or cycling.
  • Pay special attention to the traffic around you when using the headphones outside. Failure to do so could result in an accident.
  • This product with a built-in battery shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire, or the like.
  • This product contains a rechargeable battery, which is not replaceable. The danger of explosion if the user replaced the battery. Do not replace the battery user’s own self.
    This product is only to be connected to Class II equipment bearing the following symbol.

Warnings for battery

Please do not handle the battery in the following manners. It can lead to an explosion or leakage of flammable liquids and gases.

  • Dispose of in fire, discard crush, or cut
  • Leave in an extremely high-temperature environment
  • Leave in an extremely low-pressure environment

WARNING For Europe

  • To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods.

Safety Instructions

For parents/guardians

  • Read this manual carefully and explain to children before handing over the headphones.

For kids safety

  • To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.
  • Do remove and discard all packing materials before giving this product to a child.

For your safety

  • Stop using the headphones if they are causing great discomfort or irritation on the skin and the ears. They may damage your skin and cause rash or inflammation.
  • Store the stickers in a safe place where children under the age of 3 years cannot reach them to avoid the risk of a possible accident or hazard such as swallowing them.
  • Do not lick or bite the headphones.
  • Be sure that your hair or any other objects do not get caught in the headband slider (adjuster) when adjusting the headband.

For Europe

Dear Customer, This apparatus is in conformance with the valid European directives and standards regarding Radio and RoHS.

  •  European representative of JVCKENWOOD Corporation is: JVCKENWOOD Deutschland GmbH, Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 1-11, 61118 Bad Vilbel, GERMANY

Information on the Disposal of Old Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Batt applicable for countries that have adopted separate waste collection systems

Products and batteries with the symbol (crossed-out wheeled bin) cannot be disposed of as household waste. This product contains a rechargeable battery. Contact JVCKENWOOD authorized dealer for disposal.

Declaration of conformities For Europe

Hereby, JVCKENWOOD declares that this System [HA-KD 10W] is in compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 2014/53/EU. A copy of the Declaration of Conformity with regard to the RE Directive 2014/53/EU can be downloaded from the following

For detailed operations such as phone calls and information on the European Guarantee, please refer to the user manual. https://manual3.jvckenwood.com/accessory/headphones/global/

FAQs About JVC HA-KD10 Bluetooth Kids Headphones

Which battery type is utilized in Bluetooth headphones?

Most current headphones are powered by lithium-ion batteries.

What is the battery voltage in Bluetooth headphones?

A lithium-ion battery’s nominal voltage is 3.7V (and 3.2V for lithium iron phosphate batteries), while its fully charged voltage is 4.2V (and 3.65V for lithium iron phosphate batteries). A lithium-ion battery’s discharge cut-off voltage ranges from 2.75V to 3.0V.

Do lithium batteries power wireless headphones?

However, going wireless necessitates the use of batteries. Typically, lithium-ion batteries are used.

Why are batteries required for headphones?

Active headphones are almost always powered by batteries, however, they can also be powered by special cable wires. Active noise reduction, built-in amplifiers, wireless signal transmission, and electrostatic drivers all require power in headphones.

How do you put on your JVC wireless headphones?

Gently pull up on the top of your ears, insert the earbud tips into your ear canal, and twist the headphones into place. This makes it simple to ensure that the headphones are properly and firmly in the ear canal.

How do I check the percentage of my Bluetooth battery?

All that is required is to pair and connect a Bluetooth device to your phone. After that, open the Settings app and choose to Connect Devices. Bluetooth (not the switch next to it) should be selected. With a few exceptions, you will see a complete list of all connected devices and their battery levels.

How do JVC wireless headphones get charged?

1 Begin by opening the charging case.
2 Remove the insulation film before charging.
3 Insert the L and R earphones into the charging case correctly and securely. When the charge is finished, the earphones’ indicators will switch off.

What’s the deal with my JVC headphones flashing red?

The connection between the System and the BLUETOOTH device is not formed if the indicator continues to flash slowly in red. Select System on the BLUETOOTH device to connect in this scenario. button for roughly 3 seconds to reactivate the power.

How long does it take to charge JVC wireless headphones?

The built-in, high capacity rechargeable battery provides up to 35 hours of wireless listening time with a 3-hour charging period.

How can you tell whether your JVC wireless headphones are fully charged?

To begin charging, connect the charging wire provided. The signal turns red, and charging begins. When charging is finished, the indicator turns off.

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