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Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker User Manual

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker featured

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Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker


The cooker is exceptionally easy to use and extremely efficient. After reading the instruction manual, operating the cooker will be easy. Before being packaged and leaving the manufacturer, the cooker was thoroughly checked for safety and functionality. Before using the appliance, please read the instruction manual carefully. By following these instructions carefully you will be able to avoid any problems in using the appliance. It is important to keep the instruction manual and store it in a safe place so that it can be consulted at any time. It is necessary to follow the instructions in the manual carefully to avoid possible accidents.

Do not use the cooker until you have read this instruction manual. The cooker is intended for household use only. The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce changes that do not affect the operation of the appliance.


  • The appliance becomes hot during operation. Take care not to touch the hot parts inside the oven.
  • Always keep children away from the cooker. While in operation direct contact with the cooker may cause burns!
  • Ensure that small items of household equipment, including connection leads, do not touch the hot oven or the hob as the insulation material of this equipment is usually not resistant to high temperatures.
  • Do not leave the cooker unattended when frying. Oils and fats may catch fire due to overheating.
  • Do not allow the cooktop to get soiled and prevent liquids from boiling over onto the surface of the cooktop,
  • Any spillages should be cleaned up as they happen.
  • Do not place pans with a wet bottom on the warmed-up heating zones as this can cause irreversible changes to the cooktop(irremovable stains). Do not switch on the cooktop until a pan has been placed on it.
  • Do not put pans weighing over 15kg on the opened door of the oven and pans over 25kg on the cooktop.
  • Do not use harsh cleaning agents or sharp metal objects to clean the doors as they can scratch the surface, which could then result in the glass cracking.
  • Do not use the cooker in the event of a technical fault. Any faults must be fixed by an appropriately qualified and authorized person.
  • In the event of any incident caused by a technical fault, disconnect the power and report the fault to the service center to be repaired.
  • The rules and provisions contained in this instruction manual should be strictly observed. Do not allow anybody who is not familiar with the contents of this instruction manual to operate the cooker.
  • The cooker should not be cleaned using steam equipment.
  • WARNING: Accessible parts may become hot during use. Young children should be kept away

Responsibly using energy not only saves money but also helps the environment. So let’s save energy! And this is how you can do it:

  • Use proper pans for cooking. Pans with thick, flat bases can save up to 1/3 of electric energy. Remember to cover pans if possible otherwise, you will use four times as much energy!
  • Match the size of the saucepan to the surface of the heating plates. A saucepan should never be smaller than a heating plate.
  • Ensure heating plates and pan bases are clean. Soils can prevent heat transfer and repeatedly burnt-spillages can often only be removed by-products that cause damage to the environment.
  • Do not uncover the pan too often(a watched pot never boils!). Do not open the oven door unnecessarily often.
  • Switch off the oven in good time and make use of residual heat.
  • Only use the oven when cooking larger dishes. The meat of up to 1 kg can be prepared more economically in a pan on the cooker burner.
  • Make use of residual heat from the oven. If the cooking time is greater than 40 minutes it is recommended to switch off the oven 10 minutes before the end time.


After unpacking, please dispose of all elements of the packaging in a way that will not cause damage to the environment. All materials used for packaging the appliance are environmentally friendly; they are 100% recyclable and are marked with the appropriate symbol.

During unpacking, the packaging materials (polythene bags, polystyrene pieces, etc.) should be kept out of reach of children.


Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 1

  1. Temperature control knob
  2. Oven function selection knob
  3. Hotplate control knobs
  4. Cooker operation signal light orange
  5. Oven temperature signal light orange
  6. Oven door handle
  7. Drawer
  8. Hotplate

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 2


Installing the cooker

  • The kitchen should be dry and airy and have effective ventilation according to the existing technical provisions.
  • The room should be equipped with a ventilation system that pipes away exhaust fumes created during combustion. This system should consist of a ventilation grid or hood. Hoods should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The cooker should be placed so as to ensure free access to control elements.
  • Coating or veneer used on fitted furniture must be applied with a heat-resistant adhesive (100℃). This prevents surface deformation or detachment of the coating. If you are unsure of your furniture’s heat resistance, you should leave approximately 2 cm of free space around the cooker. The wall behind the cooker should be resistant to high temperatures. During operation, its back side can warm up to around 50℃ above the ambient temperature.

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 3

  • The cooker should stand on a hard, even floor (do not put it on a base.)
  • Before you start using the cooker it should be leveled, which is particularly important for fat distribution in a frying pan. For this purpose, adjustable feet are accessible after the removal of the drawer. The adjustment range is +/-5mm.

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 4

  • Take the cover and cooker out of the packaging. Select a proper place, and steadily level the cooker.

Fix the cooker to the back wall with 2 chains

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 5

To fit the rear panel/splashback, slide the lugs on the bottom of the panel into the matching slots on the rear of the stove and fix them with the screws provided.

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 6


Before first use

  • Remove the packaging and empty the drawer. Clean the interior of the oven with warm soapy water and wipe clean with a moistened cloth or sponge. Wipe clean the cooktop.
  • Take out and wash the oven fittings with warm water and a little washing-up liquid.
  • Switch on the ventilation in the room or open a window.
  • When heating the oven for the first time it is normal for the stove to give off smoke and manufacturing odors. These will disappear after about 30 Minutes.

Using the hotplates
The level of heat can be adjusted gradually by turning the appropriate knob to the right or left. Switching on the plate results in a red signal light on the control panel turning on.

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 7

An appropriately selected pan saves energy. A pan should have a thick, flat base with a diameter equal to the plate diameter, as in that case heat is transferred most efficiently.


  • Do not use pots and pans that are unsteady and likely to rock or overbalance.
  • Do not operate the cooktop for an extended time without utensils on the hotplate.

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 8

Ensure the plate is clean – a soiled zone does not transfer all of the heat. Protect the plate against corrosion. Switch off the plate before a pan is removed. Do not leave pans with prepared dishes based on fats and oils unattended on the switched-on plate; hot fat can spontaneously catch fire.

Oven functions and operation
The oven is controlled by the function knob, timer knob, and temperature selection knob.

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 9

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 10

When selecting any heating function (switching a heater on etc.) the oven will only be switched on after the temperature has been set by the temperature regulator knob.

Use of the grill
To switch on the grill you need to:

  • Set the oven knob to the position marked grill.
  • Heat the oven for approx. 5 minutes(with the oven door shut).
  • Insert a tray with a dish onto the appropriate cooking level, and if you are grilling on the grate insert a tray for dripping on the level immediately below (under the grate).
  • Close the oven door.

For grilling with the function grill and combined grill, the temperature must be set to 250℃.

Oven guide levels
Baking pans and accessories (oven grid baking tray, etc) may be inserted into the oven in 5 guiding levels. Appropriate levels are indicated in the tables that follow. Always count levels from the bottom upwards!

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 11


By ensuring proper cleaning and maintenance of your oven you can have a significant influence on the continuing fault-free operation of your appliance. you start cleaning, the oven must be switched off and you should ensure that all knobs are set to the “0” position. Do not start cleaning until the oven has completely cooled.


  • The oven should be cleaned after every time use.
  • Cool the oven completely before cleaning.
  • Never clean the appliance with a pressurized hot steam cleaner!
  • The oven chamber should only be washed with warm water and a small amount of washing-up liquid.
  • Steam cleaning
  • After cleaning the oven chamber wipe it dry.

Changing the Oven Lamp
Before any maintenance is started involving electrical parts, the appliance must be disconnected from the power supply. If the oven has been in use, let the oven cavity and the heating elements cool down before attempting any maintenance.

Changing the bulb

  • Unscrew the protective cover. We recommend that you wash and dry the glass cover at this point.
  • Carefully remove the old bulb and insert the new bulb suitable for high temperatures (300ºC) having the following specifications: 220-240V, 50Hz, 25W, G9 fitting.
  • Refit the protective cover.

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 12

Never use screwdrivers or other utensils to remove the light cover. This could damage the enamel of the oven or the lamp holder. Remove only by hand.

Never replace the bulb with bare hands as contamination from your fingers can cause premature failure. Always use a clean cloth or gloves.

Please note
The bulb replacement is not covered by your guarantee.

Door removal
To obtain easier access to the oven chamber for cleaning, it is possible to remove the door. To do this, tilt the safety catch part of the hinge upwards. Close the door lightly, lift and pull it out towards you. To fit the door back onto the cooker, do the reverse. When fitting, ensure that the notch of the hinge is correctly placed on the protrusion of the hinge holder. After the door is fitted to the oven, the safety catch should be carefully lowered down again. If the safety catch is not set it may cause damage to the hinge when closing the door.

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 13

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 14

Removal of the internal glass panel
Unscrew and unfasten the plastic latch that is in the corner at the top of the door. Next, take out the glass from the second blocking mechanism and remove it. After cleaning, insert and block the glass panel, and screw in the locking mechanism.

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 15

Regular inspections
Besides keeping the cooker clean, you should:

  • Carry out periodic inspections of the control elements and cooking units of the cooker. After the guarantee has expired you should have a technical inspection of the cooker carried out at a service centre at least once every two years.
  • Fix any operational faults.
  • Carry out periodical maintenance of the cooking units of the cooker.

All repairs and regulatory activities should be carried out by the appropriate service center or by an appropriately authorized fitter.

In the event of an emergency, you should:

  • switch off all working units of the oven
  • disconnect the mains plug
  • call the service center
  • some minor faults can be fixed by referring to the instructions given in the table below. Before calling the customer support center or the service center check the following points that are presented in the table.

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 16


Baking cakes and loaves
The Centre shelf position is most suitable for baking most cakes and loaves.


  • The baking parameters given in the Tables are approximate and can be corrected based on your own experience and cooking preferences.
  • In case you may not find any particular type of cake in the tables, use the information available for the next most similar type of cake.
  • Whenever possible choose dark baking pans. Light ones reflect the heat and sometimes the cake will not be properly browned.
  • Always place baking pans directly on wire shelves. For baking biscuits in the tray, remove the wire grid from the tray supplied.
  • Preheating shortens the baking time. Do not put the cake in the oven until the proper temperature is obtained.

Baking tips

Is the cake baked?
Pierce the cake with a fine skewer at the thickest part, if the dough does not stick to it, the cake is baked. You may switch off the oven and use the remaining heat.

Cake has fallen
Check the recipe. Use less fluid next time. Follow the mixing times, especially when using powered kitchen mixers.

The cake is too light on the bottom
Use a dark baking pan next time, or place the pan one level lower, or switch on the lower heater a while before the completion.

Warnings regarding the baking tables

  • The tables indicate the temperature range. Always select lower temperature first. You may always increase the temperature in case the pastry needs more
  • Baking times are indicative only. They may vary in dependence on individual characteristics.
  • The asterisk indicates that the oven requires preheating.

Pastry Baking Table

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 17

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 18
Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 19


Tips regarding roasting pans

  • Cover your roast or wrap it in foil. It will preserve its juice and the oven will remain cleaner.
  • If you leave the pan uncovered the roast will be cooked sooner. Roast large chunks of meat directly on the grid, with an intercepting pan underneath.

Attention when roasting
Roasting tables indicate suggested temperatures, guides, and roasting times. Roast time largely depends upon the type of meat, its size, and its quality. So you may expect some variations.

  • Roasting of large chunks of meat may produce excessive steaming and dew formation at the oven door. This is quite normal and does not affect the operation of the oven.
    However, after the completion of roasting wipe the oven door and the glass thoroughly.
  • Roasting of red meat, poultry, and fish is rational if the roast exceeds one kilogram in size.
  • Add as much liquid as necessary to prevent the burning of juice, dripping from neat. Roast must be surveyed at all times. And the liquid is added if necessary.
  • At approximately the middle of the indicated time turn the roast round, especially if you use the deep roast dish.
  • When roasting on the grill grid, place the grid in the deep roasting pan and insert both into the sliding guide. The bottom pan will intercept dripping fat.
  • Never leave roast to cool in the oven, as it might produce dew and corrosion of the oven.

Roasting table

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 20

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 21
Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 22


  • Take extra precautions when grilling. Intensive heat from the infrared heater makes the oven and the accessories extremely hot. Use protective gloves and barbecue accessories!
  • The perforated roast may produce spurting of hot grease(sausages). Use long grill tongs to prevent skin burns and protect your eyes.
  • Supervise the grill at all times. Excessive heat may quickly burn your roast and provoke fire!
  • Do not let the children in the vicinity of the grill.

Tips for grilling

  • Grilling should be carried out with the oven door closed.
  • Grilling tables indicate the recommended temperature, guide levels, and grilling times, which may vary according to the weight and quality of the meat.
  • The grill heater should be pre-heated for 3 minutes.
  • Oil the grill grid before placing the food, otherwise, the food might stick to the grid.
  • Place the meat upon the grid, then place the grid upon the grease interception pan. Insert both trays into the oven guides.
  • Turn the meat around after half of the grilling time has expired. Thinner slices will require only one turn, for larger chunks you might need to repeat the procedure. Always use barbecue tongs to avoid losing excessive juice from meat.
  • Dark beef meat is grilled quicker than lighter pork or veal.
  • Clean the grill, the oven, and the accessories each time after use.

Grill table

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 23

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 24


Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 25

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 26


All electrical work should be carried out by a suitably qualified and authorized electrician. No alterations or willful changes in the electricity supply should be carried out. The fixing line must be equipped with the all-pole disconnection device provided by breakaway the contact under overvoltage category III according to the wiring rules.

Fitting guidelines
The cooker is manufactured to work with a three-phase alternating current (380-415V 3N~50 Hz). The voltage rating of the cooker heating elements is 220-240V. Adapting the cooker to operate with one phase current is possible by appropriate bridging in the connection box – box according to the connection diagram below. The connection diagram is also found on the cover of the connection box. Remember that the connection wire should match the connection type and the power rating of the cooker.

Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker 27

The connection cable must be secured in a strain-relief clamp.

Remember to connect the safety circuit to the connection box terminal marked with. Before connecting the cooker to the power supply it is important to read the information on the data plate and the connection diagram.

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FAQS About Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker

What are the dimensions of the Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker?

The dimensions of the Haier HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker are approximately 50cm in width, 60cm in depth, and 90cm in height.

What is the capacity of the oven?

The oven of the Haier HOR54S5CW1 has a capacity of 54 liters, providing ample space for cooking various dishes.

Does it have multiple cooking functions?

Yes, the Haier HOR54S5CW1 offers multiple cooking functions including conventional baking, grilling, and fan-assisted cooking for versatile meal preparation.

Is the hob ceramic or solid plate?

The hob of the Haier HOR54S5CW1 features four solid plate electric burners for efficient cooking.

Does it have a timer function?

Yes, the cooker is equipped with a programmable timer function, allowing you to set cooking times and durations for added convenience.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, the Haier HOR54S5CW1 is designed for easy cleaning with removable oven door glass and enamel interior, as well as easy-clean hob plates.

What safety features does it have?

The cooker is equipped with safety features such as a child lock function and residual heat indicators to ensure safe operation.

Is it energy efficient?

Yes, the Haier HOR54S5CW1 is designed to be energy efficient, helping you save on energy costs while cooking.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, Haier provides a standard warranty for the HOR54S5CW1 Freestanding Electric Cooker, typically covering manufacturing defects and faults.

Where can I purchase accessories or replacement parts?

Accessories and replacement parts for the Haier HOR54S5CW1 can usually be purchased directly from Haier authorized dealers or through their official website, ensuring compatibility and quality.

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