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Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer User Guide

Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer-featured

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Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer

Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer


Your BENNETT READ 5.5L DIGITAL AIR FRYER comes with a 1 (one) year guarantee. If you register your guarantee online within 14 (fourteen) days of purchase, we will extend the guarantee to 2 (2) years. To activate your extended guarantee, scan the QR code on the cover of this user guide, then tap on the link and complete the online form. Alternatively, visit www.tevo.co.za, click the “Register guarantee” tab at the top of the page, then complete the form provided.

We also stand behind it with a knowledgeable, dedicated Customer Care department, so should you ever have a problem, you’ll receive fast, considerate assistance (see contact details at the end of the guarantee section on page 11). Please read this user guide carefully before using your  BENNETT READ 5.5L DIGITAL AIR FRYER. Keep this user guide for future reference.


When using any electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should always be followed including the following:

  • Read the instruction manual carefully before use and save it for future reference.
  • Always ensure that the voltage on the rating label corresponds to the mains voltage in your home.
  • Incorrect operation and improper use can damage the appliance and cause injury to the user.
  • The appliance is intended for household use only and is not user-serviceable. Commercial use invalidates the guarantee and the supplier cannot be held responsible for injury or damage caused when using the appliance for any other purpose than that intended.
  • Do not block any air vents, cover the unit, or obstruct heat dissipation.
  • Keep the appliance safely out of reach of children. Close supervision is required when any appliance is used near or by children or invalids.
  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Before using the appliance, be sure to untie the Power Cord wrapped around the back to avoid any potential electrical hazard.
  • Check the Power Cord and plug regularly for any damage. If the cord or the plug is damaged, it must be replaced by a qualified Tevo Service Centre technician. See page 11 for contact details.
  • Do not damage, bend, stretch, or twist the Power Cord; do not place heavy objects on the Power Cord or clamp the Power Cord
  • Never pull on the cord to disconnect the appliance from the wall outlet; instead, grasp the plug and pull on the plug. Always unplug the unit when not in use, before cleaning, or when adding or removing parts.
  • To avoid fire hazards and electrical shock, always ensure that the plug is clean and inserted properly into the wall socket.
  • Do not let children handle or put the electrical cord into their mouths.
  • Use of an extension cord with this appliance is not recommended. However, if it is necessary to use an extension cord, ensure that the extension cord is suited to the power consumption of the appliance to avoid overheating of the extension cord, appliance, or plug point. Do not place the extension cord in a position where it can be pulled on by children or animals or tripped over.
  • Do not carry the appliance by the Power Cord.
  • Do not use it outdoors or in a damp area. Do not use this appliance for anything other than its intended use.
  • Do not use the appliance on a gas or electric cooking top or over or near an open flame.
  • A fire may occur if the appliance is covered or touches flammable material, including curtains, draperies, walls, and the like, when in operation.
  • Do not place glass or plastic dishes on top of the unit. Do not place or store any item on top of the appliance.
  • Always operate the appliance on a smooth, even, stable surface. Do not place the unit on a hot surface.
  • Do not place the appliance close to the edge of the countertop.
  • Do not operate this appliance using an external timer or a separate remote-control system.
  • Do not operate the unit with damp hands.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This unit becomes hot while in use. Do not touch any metallic parts during or immediately after use. Do not touch hot surfaces – use handles or knobs.
  • To avoid electrical shock, do not dismantle the appliance body.
  • The use of accessory attachments that are not recommended or supplied by the manufacturer may result in injuries, fire, or electric shock.
  • Exercise caution and always use oven gloves when opening the Fry Basket, removing the Drawer, and inserting or removing food, cookware, or accessories from the appliance.
  • Please keep a safe distance away from the unit when removing the basket during or after air frying, as the unit will release hot steam when opened.
  • Never place your bare hands inside the appliance or use it to remove food, cookware, or accessories when the appliance is plugged in and switched on; or immediately after use as it will still be hot.
  • Do not place oversized food in the Fry Basket. This could damage the unit, and the food will not cook properly
  • Do not place the following items in the Air Fryer: non-oven proof glass, ceramic plates, paper, cards, plastic, cloth, metal objects, and other flammable items.
  • Keep the unit away from any explosive and/ or flammable fumes.
  • This appliance should only be used to cook or bake consumable food.
  • Do not leave this appliance unattended during use. Always unplug the unit when not in use or before cleaning.
  • Do not move the unit while in use.
  • Extreme caution must be used when moving an appliance containing hot oil or other hot liquids.
  • Ensure that the unit is switched off after each use.
  • Never immerse the unit in water or any other liquid for cleaning purposes.
  • Do not clean with caustic cleaners, metal brushes, or metal scouring pads. Pieces can break off the pad and touch electrical parts which can result in a risk of electric shock, injury to persons, or property damage.
  • Do not dispose of this unit with domestic trash. Consult your local municipality for proper disposal procedures.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight or contact with other heat-emitting appliances can cause damage to the unit.
  • Do not use this unit for anything other than its intended use as outlined in this manual.
  • Warning: Nominal voltage is still present even when the temperature and timer controls are turned off. Unplug the Air Fryer from the mains power supply (wall outlet/power supply) to permanently turn the appliance OFF.
  • The manufacturer does not accept responsibility for any damage or injury caused by improper or incorrect use or for repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel.
  • In case of technical problems, switch off the machine and do not attempt to repair it yourself.
  • Return the appliance to an authorized Tevo Service Centre for examination, adjustment, or repair. Always insist on the use of original spare parts. Failure to comply with the above-mentioned precautions and instructions could affect the safe operation of this machine.


Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer 1

  1. Fry Basket
  2. Push-Release Button protective cover
  3. Push-Release Button for Fry Basket
  4. Basket Handle
  5. Drawer
  6. Upper Appliance Body
  7. Control Panel
  8. Air Outlet
  9. Power Cord with plug

Take the appliance and all parts out of the packaging. Remove and discard all packaging, stickers, and/or labels from the unit. Ensure to check that all parts are included. Clean the appliance, following the care and cleaning instructions provided in this guide.

This appliance may produce an odor or emit a slight amount of smoke when switched on for the first time. This is normal and does not affect the safety of your appliance. This process will pass as residues from the production process are eliminated.

We recommend that you pre-heat the Air Fryer before cooking food in it for the first time. Set the temperature control to 200°C and the timer control to 10-15 minutes. During use, ensure ample ventilation.


Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer 2

Power Button
Touch this icon to power the appliance ON or OFF. Touch it to cancel a cooking cycle.
Cooking Mode Control
Touch this icon to select one of the seven pre-set cooking modes. The convenient pre-set cooking modes automatically set the cooking time and temperature for specific food types. They are an intelligent one-touch solution for most foods. It is recommended to adjust the cooking time and temperature in line with your recipe as well as your taste.

Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer 3

Time Control
Touch this icon to increase or decrease the amount of cooking time. Cooking time can be adjusted during a pre-set cooking mode to suit your preferences. Cooking time is adjusted in 1-minute increments up to 60 minutes. Press and hold the icon to rapidly increase or decrease cooking time.  The timer automatically counts down during a cooking cycle and is conveniently shown on the display.

Temperature Control
Touch this icon to increase or decrease the cooking temperature. The cooking temperature can be adjusted during a pre-set cooking mode to suit your preferences. The cooking temperature is adjusted in increments of 5°C between  80°C – 200°C. Press and hold the icon to rapidly increase or decrease the cooking temperature.  The cooking temperature is conveniently shown on the display during a cooking cycle.

Cooking Cycle Indicator
The outer fan of this icon as well as the red inner icon will illuminate to inform you that a cooking cycle has started and is currently in process. The Air Fryer starts by preheating. The red inner icon will turn off to indicate that the Air Fryer has reached the desired temperature. Note that the red inner icon will illuminate on and off as the Air Fryer regulates the temperature inside the Air Fryer during a cooking cycle.


  • Place the appliance on a stable, dry, flat surface.
  • Ensure that the appliance is unplugged and switched off.
  • Attach the Fry Basket to the Drawer. Ensure that it is securely fitted and that the protective button cover is closed covering the Push-Release Button located in the basket Handle.
  • Add food into the Fry Basket. To ensure the best results with sufficient hot air circulation, do not overfill the Fry Basket with food.
  • Now slide the basket and Drawer combination into the appliance cavity.
  • Plug the Power Cord into the wall outlet.
  • Touch the Power Button to turn on the Air Fryer.
  • Press the cooking mode button to select your preferred pre-set cooking mode.
  • Alternatively, if you would prefer to manually input temperature and time, skip the cooking mode button and follow these two steps:
  • Press the temperature control icon to set the desired cooking temperature.
  • Now press the timer control icons to set the required cooking time.
  • The appliance will automatically confirm your selections after a short period and begin the cooking process.
  • We recommend checking on foods halfway through the cooking process to monitor cooking and browning progress or turn foods over. When air frying chips, you can use this time to shake ingredients for even results. To check on foods, simply slide the Drawer by using the Basket Handle. Ensure that the protective button cover is closed so that the Push-Release Button is not pressed, accidentally releasing the Fry Basket from the Drawer. Shake ingredients in the drawer combination vigorously if needed and simply slide it back in when done. The cooking program will pause and then automatically resume.
  • Adjust the cooking temperature or time it is needed.
  • When the cooking timer counts down to zero, it will alert you with a beeping notification, indicating that the cooking program has been completed. The Air Fryer will turn off automatically. If additional air frying is needed, simply follow the above process again.
  • When you are done, remove the Fry Basket and Drawer combination and place it on a flat, heat-resistant work area. Now lift the Fry Basket from the Drawer by pushing the protective cover forward on the Basket Handle and then pressing the Push-Release Button. Remove the food from the Fry Basket and plate as desired.
  • Once all food is removed from the basket, proceed with cleaning the Air Fryer or instantly move on to your next cooking creation.


  • Do not cook directly in the Drawer. Always add food into the Fry Basket for cooking. Always use the appliance with the Fry Basket and Drawer combined.
  • We recommend pre-heating your Air Fryer before cooking foods to obtain the best results. If you choose not to pre-heat your Air Fryer, add 3 – 5 minutes to the cooking time.
  • When cooking foods from frozen ensure to extend the amount of cooking time accordingly to allow for the foods to defrost first.
  • Use the Basket Handle to remove or add the Fry Basket and Drawer combination from and into the appliance.
  • Never turn the Drawer upside down with the Fry Basket attached. Be careful not to tilt the Drawer when removing or adding it back into the appliance. Hot oils and fats may spill as they have collected in the Drawer during the cooking process.
  • Always unlock and remove the Fry Basket from the Drawer before emptyingtoo to avoid oil from contaminating air-fried foods.
  • Always ensure that the protective button cover is closed before removing the Fry Basket and Drawer combination from the Air Fryer and when the combination is elevated. Doing so will ensure that the Push-Release Button is not pressed accidentally.
  • Should it be pressed accidentally, it will release the Fry Basket from the Drawer and could cause injury and damage. Always remove the combination from the Air Fryer and immediately rest the combination on a flat, heat-resistant surface before detaching the Fry Basket from the Drawer.


  • Brush food slightly with some oil for crispier results.
  • Par-boil potatoes before air frying when you prepare home-made chips that you have sliced and skinned yourself.
  • If you are cooking different food types consecutively, clean the Fry Basket and Drawer between each batch. This will assist in ensuring that the taste of the food is not affected by what was cooked in the batch before.
  • Instead of reheating food in the microwave, do it in the Air Fryer for crispier, tastier leftovers.
  • Mix your seasonings with oil before adding them to your foods to prevent them from blowing around in the Air Fryer.
  • When crumbing, press the crumb mixture onto the food using your hands. This will prevent the crumbs from blowing off the food during the cooking cycle.
  • Explore a world of exciting recipes online. There is a multitude of online resources available globally. Experiment with foods and recipes to find what works for you. Go to www.tevo.co.za to download your free recipe guide for the 5.5L Digital Air Fryer.

A handy cooking guide has been provided below. Note that the guide has been created to provide guidelines. Food should always be monitored and adjusted where necessary. Cooking results may vary depending on the origin, cut, quality, freshness, and thickness of the food being cooked. Similarly, your recipe, personal taste, and preferences must be considered during cooking.

Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer 4


  • Cook pork until the internal meat is white. A hint of light pink is acceptable if you do not want your meat to dry.
  • Cook fish until it is opaque and easily flakes apart with a fork.
  • Cook chicken until meat is completely white with clear juices.
  • Cook duck until meat is completely white. A hint of light pink is acceptable if you do not want your meat to dry.


  • Always unplug the Air Fryer and allow it to cool before cleaning. Do not touch the Fry Basket, Drawer, or inner air fryer cavity until it is completely cool.
  • Remove the Fry Basket and Drawer after each use and wash in warm, soapy water. Ensure to separate the Fry Basket and Drawer so that they are cleaned separately. Oil and fats will gather in both parts. Rinse and dry thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth and replace with the Air Fryer before the next use.
  • The Fry Basket and Drawer are dishwasher-safe and can be placed in a dishwasher for cleaning. Ensure to use the most gentle dishwasher setting at a low temperature of no more than 60°C.

Pour used oil and fats into an old jam jar and dispose of it once you have collected a fair amount. This is environmentally friendly and by avoiding pouring the oils down the drain, it will ensure that your drain pipes do not become clogged over time.

As a frying and cooking appliance, oils and fats may build up inside the cavity. You may notice excessive smoke emitting from the air outlet at the back of the appliance over time. This is usually an indicator that the appliance needs maintenance cleaning by the long-term maintenance guide. We recommend maintenance cleaning quarterly or as needed. Follow the above daily care and cleaning steps

  • Turn the appliance upside down so that it is resting on its upper appliance body. This will enable you to see the inner appliance cavity and cooking element and to determine where oil and fat build-up is taking place.
  • Use a soft, dry bristle brush to lightly brush stubborn build-up of the element.
  • Use a soft, disposable cleaning cloth or sponge, slightly dampened with a small amount of detergent to finish off cleaning the element and wipe clean all accessible areas of the cavity.
  • Thoroughly dry the element and cavity, ensuring that no detergent or moisture remains before using or storing the appliance.


  • Model: BR5LAF
  • Voltage: 220-240V~ 50/60Hz
  • Power: 1600W-1800W


Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer 5

Your BENNETT READ DIGITAL 5.5L DIGITAL AIR FRYER is guaranteed against manufacture faults for 1 () year. If you register your guarantee online at  www.tevo.co.za within 14 (fourteen) days of purchase, then your guarantee will be extended to 2 (two years. Tevo undertakes to repair or replace this product at no charge if found to be defective due to a manufacturing fault during the guarantee period.

This guarantee excludes damage caused by misuse, neglect, shipping accident, commercial use, incorrect installation, or work carried out by anyone other than an authorized and qualified Tevo service technician.

Tevo is not liable for incidental or consequential damages of any nature associated with the use of this product. Tevo’s liability will not exceed the purchase price of this product. PLEASE KEEP YOUR RECEIPT TO VERIFY YOUR GUARANTEE. This guarantee applies to products used for personal or domestic use only and specifically excludes any malfunction or defect arising from commercial use.

Guarantee and Service inquiries can be made by contacting:

  • Tevo (Pty) Ltd
  • Johannesburg (012) 740 5000
  • Durban (031) 570 5900
  • Cape Town (021) 380 0038/9
  • Customer Service Help Line: 0861 77 88 88
  • www.tevo.co.za

Do not dispose of electrical appliances with general municipal waste. Hazardous substances can leak and contaminate the groundwater, affecting the food chain and ultimately damaging the environment and your health. Contact your local municipality for information on safe disposal in your area.


FAQS About Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer

What is the capacity of the Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer?

The Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer has a capacity of 3.5 liters.

What are the dimensions of the air fryer?

The dimensions of the Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer are 31cm x 33cm x 37cm.

What is the power rating of the air fryer?

The Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer has a power rating of 1500 watts.

Does it come with a digital display?

Yes, the Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer features a digital display for easy operation and monitoring.

What cooking functions does it offer?

The Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer offers multiple cooking functions, including frying, baking, grilling, and roasting.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, the air fryer’s non-stick cooking basket is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean.

Does it come with a recipe book?

Yes, the Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer comes with a recipe book featuring a variety of delicious recipes to try.

Can I adjust the cooking temperature and time?

Yes, you can easily adjust the cooking temperature and time using the digital controls.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, the Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer is equipped with safety features such as overheat protection and automatic shut-off.

What warranty does it come with?

The Bennett Read KAF130 Digital Air Fryer comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty of one year.

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