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Amazon Basics Coffee Maker with Reusable Filter User Manual

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Amazon Basics Coffee Maker with Reusable Filter

Amazon Basics Coffee Maker with Reusable Filter


Read these instructions carefully and retain them for future use. If this product is passed to a third party, then these instructions must be included.

When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and/or injury to persons including the following:

  • The exclamation point within the equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance.
  • The lightning flash withan  arrowed symbol, withinan  equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of insulated “dangerous voltage” within the product’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of fire or an electric shock to a person.

WARNING Risk of burn!

  • Steam evaporates from the product when in operation. Do not place hands on or near the product when in operation.
  • To avoid the risk of injury, do not open the brew chamber during the brew process. Read all instructions.
  • Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles or knobs.
  • To protect against electric shock, do not place cords, plugs, or appliances in water or other liquid. Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or near children.
  • Unplug from the outlet when not in use and before cleaning. Allow to cool before putting on or taking off parts, and before cleaning the appliance.
  • Do not operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or after the appliance malfunctions, or has been damaged in any manner. Return appliance to unauthorized
  • service facility for examination, repair, or adjustment.
  • The use of accessory attachments not recommended by the appliance manufacturer may result in fire, electric shock, or injury to persons. Do not use outdoors. Do not let the cord hang over the edge of the table or counter, or touch hot surfaces.
  •  Do not place on or near a hot gas or electric burner, or in a heated oven.To disconnect, turn any control to the off position, then remove the plug from wthe all outlet. Do not use the appliance for other than intended use.Do not immerse in water.
  • Scalding may occur if the lid is removed during the brewing cycles. The container is designed for use with this appliance. It must never be used on a range top. Do not set a Do not use a Copyfish Do not clean.
  • To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not place any electric or gas heating appliance beneath the drip-type coffee maker.
  • Extreme caution must be used when moving an appliance containing hot food, or hot oil. water or other hot liquids.

Plug and cord instructions

  • This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). To reduce the risk of electric shock, this plug is intended to fit into a polarized outlet only one way.
  • If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit,
  • contact a qualified electrician. Do not modify the plug in any way.
  • A short power-supply cord is to be provided to reduce the risk resulting from becoming entangled in or tripping over a longer cord.
  • Extension cords are available and may be used if care is exercised in their use.
  • If an extension cord is used,
  • the marked electrical rating of the detachable power-supply cord or extension cord
  • should be at least as great as the electrical rating of the appliance.
  • the longer cord should be arranged so that it will not drape over the countertop or tabletop where it can be pulled on by children or tripped over.

 Product Description

Amazon Basics Coffee Maker with Reusable Filter 1

  • Filter
  • Filter holder
  • Water tank lid
  • Water tank
  • Water level gauge
  • Power cord with plug
  • On/off switch (1 / 0)
  • Warm plate
  • Container
  • Handle
  • Lid
  • Anti-leak valve

Make sure the water tank lid (C) is closed before switching on the product. Check the product for transport damages.

  • Remove all the packing materials.
  • Clean the product before first use.
  • Place the product on a dry, level, and heat-resistant surface.
  • Before connecting the product to the power supply, check that the power supply voltage and current rating correspond with the power supply details shown on the product rating label.
  1. Open the water tank lid and fill the water tank with drinking water. Do not exceed the MAX level as indicated on the water level gauge.
  2. Place the filter holder into the brewing compartment. The “Back” marking on the filter holder should point toward the hinge of the water tank lid. 3. Place the filter into the filter holder.
  3. Add grounded dry coffee to the filter according to the instructions on the coffee packaging then close the water tank lid.
  4. Place the container with the lid closed onto the warm plate. Align the center of the container to the bottom of the filter holder and anti-leak valve.
  5. Connect the plug to a suitable outlet.
  6. Set the on/off switch to the I position to start the brewing process. The on/off switch lights up red.
  7. Wait until all the water has run through. Set the on/off switch to 0 position to switch off the product. The on/off switch light goes off.
  8. After the brewing process, the warm plate automatically turns on to keep the coffee warm. If you do not need this function, switch off the product and disconnect  from the outlet
  9. Wait until no liquid remains in the filter then remove the container from the warming plate (H) to serve coffee.


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